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Physical protection was more important than mental protection before the arrival of the internet and technology. Even in imagination, many things are there to scare children. The children’s growth and development may affect badly if these threats are not addressed properly on time.

In recent months, especially after the onset of the pandemic, more and more kids are spending time online. For parents it becomes difficult to monitor their each and every move. This has resulted in a number of cases of innocent children and teenagers falling prey to the nefarious designs of many criminals online. One such case that has rocked the country has taken place in Gainesville. You can read more about how the police were able to apprehend the criminal if you visit the site.

Today children have access to mobile phones and the internet, where they can access everything that they cannot and should be in original. Just like dash cam in your car, you can spy on your child. You do both of these things, as you care about them.

If you invade the privacy of your child, it would be rude. You cannot always ask your child to see his or her phone for safety. Your child may also alert and find smart ways to escape. Then the question is, how could you spy your child without invading him? There are several strategies, to spy your child to protect him.

 Online Safety for Kids

Threats to the online safety of kids include harassment, sexting, cyberbullying, and invasion of privacy. You can ensure the child’s safety by using spy apps, parent control, and tracking software. The most effective solution to online threats to your kid is to make him aware of it through a general talk. Tell your child what are the online risks, how you can avoid them, and how you come to know that something is going wrong.

Online threats for child

Online threats for kids are:

  • Inappropriate website       
  • Dangerous websites
  • Sexual predators
  • Online scam and fraud
  • Malware

So it is better to set the rules for the child to use the internet. Define each rule and make your child clear the purpose and the benefit of each rule. If you become successful in setting up the rule and clearing the purpose to your child, it will protect your child from potential danger soon.

Online safety rules

  • Do not share your personal information on the internet including your name, address, contact number, and social security number.
  • Make sure not to post your picture on any website.
  • Avoid chatting with strangers
  • The person you do not know, do not open his email
  • Avoid responding hateful, bullying, insulting and hurtful messages.
  • Tell about the inappropriate messages to your parent or any elder
  • Do not meet anyone whom you know online only
  • Time limits must be fixed for you to be online.

Steps to protect your child online

You can take the role to protect your child online. The most important thing is to monitor the online activities of your child.  The following things you can do in this respect:

  • Check the browsing history of your child
  • Install spy apps on your child smart phone
  • Privacy features can be activated on an internet browser through an internet service provider.
  • You must know the child’s Smartphone password


Using Apps for Protection of Children Online

Spy phone can help you to monitor the online activities of your child. The variety of options are there, you can buy and integrate into the browser of your child.

Few spy apps are as follows:

  • Screen time: help parents to monitor how much time a child is spending on the phone
  • OurPact Parent: this amazing app help parents to monitor the time, children are spending on the phone plus their location and online activities.
  • Kidslox: kidslox can block selected apps and website content on the child’s phone.
  • Net Nanny: Net Nanny is designed for web browsers to have safe browsing activities.

Other amazing apps are as follows:

  • Toddler Lock
  • Phonesherriff
  • Secureteen
  • Zoodles
  • Norton family
  • Funamo
  • Kids Place
  • Protect kid

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