Choosing and installing a TV antenna

Digital terrestrial television: the standard in France since 2011. It switched to high definition (TNT HD) in April 2016.

The TV reception antennas, such as the rake antennas, made it possible to receive the 6 major channels of the terrestrial bouquet via UHF and VHF waves. To receive more programs, the use of a satellite dish was the simplest solution. Since 2011, digital terrestrial television has seriously competed with cable channels.

Following the passage of TNT HD, you must be equipped with a television or decoder compatible with high definition and not an old-fashioned non smart TV.

What is a TNT antenna?

It can be an outdoor or indoor TNT antenna. However, the UHF or UHF-VHF model is the only one that allows TNT to be received. French television channels are in fact broadcast in UHF.

Good to know, UHF antennas must be of the LTE type in order to avoid disturbances due to 4G networks. A filter allowing to eliminate the frequencies used in 4G can be installed on the old models in order to avoid possible interference with those of the DVB.

Please note: the oldest rake antennas do not cover all the frequency bands used by DTT. In this case, it is necessary to change the antenna.

Part of the TNT frequencies is gradually transferred to telecom operators in order to improve the deployment of 4G and 5G (700 MHz band). This transfer takes place in 13 phases, by geographic area, from October 3, 2017, to June 25, 2019. Following this transfer, a new scan of the channels and an adaptation of the installations may prove necessary (an adaptation of the antenna, reorientation, change of reception mode, etc.). Find the map of changes on the tv aerial installation.

However, you must have a digital reception decoder for older televisions.

To receive DTT by satellite, you must of course have a satellite dish but also be equipped with a FranSat or TntSat card. Indeed, DTT by satellite in France is encrypted so that it cannot be received outside the territory. As part of the transition to TNT HD, you must ensure that you have an HD decoder.

Note: the State offers compensation for the costs arising from a new installation (subject to conditions). It is therefore not essential to buy a new HD TV with integrated DTT.

Use your computer to watch DTT

The digital signal format makes it easy to use a computer if you do not have a television set or if the characteristics of the computer screen are better than those of the television.

In this case, you must equip yourself with a TV tuner suitable for DTT in addition to the DTT antenna:

  • The TNT tuner allows you to view broadcasts while recording.
  • When you equip yourself with this type of equipment, the antenna allowing DTT reception is generally located in a USB key.

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Since April 5, 2016, the TNT channels have been broadcast in HD. In the event of a reception problem, you can benefit from assistance at reception.

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