What Are Managed IT Services and What’s Included?

If you run a business with growing IT needs, but don’t have the staffing resources to manage your IT infrastructure, you’re putting your company at risk of cyberattacks.

If this is the case, you might want to consider finding a managed IT services company. An IT services company can take care of your IT infrastructure and help to limit the risk of a security breach.

What is a managed IT services company?

In this article, we’ll be discussing what does managed IT services mean, and how it can benefit your business.

What Does Managed IT Services Mean?

Managed IT services allow a company to delegate responsibility for the management of all or some of their IT. This service will be provided for a monthly fee.

The ongoing support provided by an IT managed services provider such as Advantex IT services will include proactive monitoring and maintenance of your systems.

Many managed IT service providers will also offer data management services. They will also have support desks that allow you to quickly resolve any IT problems as they arise.

The services offered by a managed IT service provider will vary between companies, so it is essential you know what is on offer, and that you find a provider that matches your needs.

Generally, the works carried out by a managed IT services company will be done remotely.

What Security Services Are Covered by Managed IT Services Companies?

All managed IT services companies are different, and they will all offer different services.

Security tends to be an area that most managed IT service providers cover. Often, this will include 24/7 monitoring of your systems to identify any signs of vulnerability, breach, or attack.

In the event that your IT service provider finds a problem with your systems, they will address this quickly.

The security packages on offer may include a full review of your policies and procedures. This will identify any areas that need to be addressed, such as a lack of control over passwords and other login credentials.

Disaster Recovery is also an area that a managed IT services company will provide support. Your managed IT service provider will create a plan that will help you in the event of a data breach or major security incident.

What Else Is Covered by Managed IT Services Companies?

In addition to security services, your managed IT services provider may offer cloud-based data solutions. These allow you to store your data off-site, providing instant access to you from wherever you need it while keeping it safe and backed-up.

Managing your network infrastructure can be complex. Without an in-depth knowledge of the architecture of the network, making changes can be problematic. If anything ever went wrong, it would also be hard to identify the problem.

With network management services, not only will you get support in these areas, but you will also have expert help in making the changes that will lead to a more efficient network.

Most managed IT services have their own helpdesk. This will give you access to support when you need it. By using remote access tools, the IT support technician will be able to fix the problem.

User and asset management are essential in managing your IT services. These are often overlooked in many businesses.

An IT services company will track who has access to your technology, removing former employees, and regularly changing the passwords of current employees.

Asset management will identify what technology your company owns. By tracking the age and location of these items, it will be easier to identify when something needs to be updated or replaced.

How Does Managed IT Services Benefit Your Business?

The World Economic Forum reports that in 2018 75% of all business losses were relating to cybercrime. This worrying statistic includes the loss relating to the theft of data and the downtime caused by cyberattacks.

One of the primary areas of support for managed IT services is to protect your business from a cyberattack.

With the cost of cybersecurity attacks affecting one in five companies, and with 60% of small businesses going bust. As a result, having your security services managed is not just going to help you to save money; it will also protect your business from going under.

In other areas, your managed IT services will help you to modernize. This will increase your profitability and efficiency.

Through the use of cloud-based technologies, you will be able to save time and money.

Because many employees can work on one document together, your teams will be able to collaborate in more of a meaningful manner. This will improve their creativity.

Specialist Managed IT Services

There are many managed IT services that provide specific support for certain industries.

For example, for healthcare organizations as well as insurance and legal companies that handle patient records, there is a need to meet specific data protection regulations.

The right managed IT services company will be able to help you to ensure you are fully compliant. This will reduce the risk of your business facing non-compliance fines.

Other businesses that may have specific data protection needs may include law firms, schools, and retailers.

It is important to Find a managed services company that understands the specific data protection concerns within your sector.

Taking the Next Steps

Now you know the answer to the question “what does managed it services mean?” you will have an understanding of how you can use managed IT services to improve and protect your IT infrastructure.

The next step for you will be to find a managed IT services company that offers the right mix of support in the areas that you most need it. (view website)

Before you sign up to a managed service provider, speak with the company first, and read reviews and testimonials. Finding the right provider is a major decision.

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