How to Get a Loan Without A Guarantor

The online personal loan system has profoundly changed the credit sector. With a click, you can immediately receive a small-large sum of money for an investment or purchase, without queuing at the counters.

The main problem, however, always remains the same: not everyone has free access to credit. In fact, to obtain a bank loan or through a financial one, the debtor proves able to repay the principal with interest. Temporary workers and state employees can obtain loans at reduced rates in terms.

Is it online? Is it the same or are there small loan opportunities for unemployed people with no salary or no traceable income? In fact, some credit solution that does not require guarantors. Therefore we analyze on a case by case basis how to try to obtain the loan.

How to get an online loan without a paycheck

In general, in order to apply for a loan it is necessary:

  • Being resident in the territory;
  • Have a demonstrable income;
  • Be aged between 18 and 70;
  • Having a current account.

Among the guarantees preferred by a bank or a financial company we usually find also the paycheck. Therefore, if you don’t have a salary or a stable income, obtaining an online loan could be complicated. Financing companies do not always give credit to housewives or unemployed people so as not to risk losing their money by handing it over to a customer who may not return it. However, there are alternative solutions to still give guarantees to the creditor.

Loans without a paycheck with mortgage

The first solution is to apply for the so-called loan with real estate guarantee, without a paycheck. It is sufficient to place a mortgage on a property or any good or service that produces revenue, and which constitutes sufficient certainty for the bank to provide the loan.

In order to apply for this loan without a paycheck, you must contact a bank, financial institution, or credit institution that specifically offers the mortgage loan service for liquidity, and of course, prove that you are the owner of a property as collateral.

Loan without a paycheck with surety

However, some institutions agree to grant loans without a guarantor (or surety), that is, a formula in which a third person undertakes to repay the capital in the event that the debtor proves insolvent. The guarantor, in turn, must offer guarantees such as a job, fixed income, a property, or any guarantee that is sufficiently solid for the financial company to grant the credit.

It is good to resort to loans of this type only in case of pressing necessity, in order not to be in a position to have to get rid of a property due to the occurrence of insolvency. Furthermore, it is always good to compare the estimates of the credit institutions by comparing the various proposals and carefully reading all the contractual conditions, especially those written in small and apparently secondary, paying maximum attention to the interest rates and all the expenses involved.

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