Fariba Rahimi Surprises Her fans with new Projects

There is a famous saying “The world’s biggest power is the youth and beauty of women”. Every girl admires the beauty of the models, wants to have a zero figure, beautiful curves, and eye-catching beauty, hence wants to be like them. The majority of girls dream to be in the sizzling world of fashion and modeling but only a few are successful.

The modeling world is evolving with the passage of time. The 1990s is known as the decade of a supermodel but 2000 has brought a totally new level of modeling: social media. There is an enormous market for models of all ages, sizes, shapes, and heights. Models are more involved with their fans through social media accounts with thousands and millions of followers and this is becoming a big factor in the brands’ decision to hire them.

One such powerful model, style icon, successful businesswoman, and a growing entrepreneur, Fariba Rahimi, with her sheer determination and passion emerged as a star in showbiz and the world of modeling. Many might argue that Fariba Rahimi is famous for no reason at all, but we’d argue that the things that she’s most known for are, her incredible curves along with her hard work.

Her vibrant energy and tremendous looks can be seen in the little square boxes of Instagram where she has more than 250K followers. A caption on the Instagram post of Rahimi from March 12 also says the same,

“Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ”.   

She positioned herself to influence the masses by having media, marketing, and a great communication strategy. As she said in one of her interviews in which her speech is peppered with giggles and gracious expressions of “thank you”:

“A few years back, I felt that I had reached a very satisfactory level of success in modeling and it was time to try to attain my other dream, to become an entrepreneur.”

Rahimi admits to feeling increasingly conflicted about how much to reveal about her second dream. Today, she is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, running two companies including real estate and a construction maintenance business. She has learned management skills and delved into other businesses too.

The successful model, Fariba Rahimi left her modeling career for some time because she was too busy in learning management skills and the ins and outs of the real estate market. She grew her enterprises to the point where they were successful and realized that she has missed the world of modeling and the thrill of working with the people in the industry.

After becoming a Boss lady and recently, at the age of 38, she is back to the modeling world with more power and fame when she made a comeback as a “Face of Versace”. In case, if you don’t know about Versace, it is an Italian luxury fashion company and trade name. She knew that at the age of 38, her modeling world would be judged on another level. She made a video about advertising collection and sent that to Versace.

Soon, Rahimi was on the pages of international newspapers and magazines and she finally listened from Versace in 2018 and offered her services as its Brand Ambassador. Her catwalk appearance in Milan in 2019 for Versace was a wonderful experience for her. Recently she also worked on two features, one for Kavyar and the other for Superior Magazine. It is a sign of how obsessed the fashion industry has become with Rahimi.

The second picture of the World in which Rahimi is living, a world of humanity, away from luxurious things, cameras, brands and show off, where she is struggling for the basic human rights, making efforts in Africa to prevent the economic and social impact of climate change on the continent, the advancement of women, access to drinking water, and educational projects for children in rural areas.

We often confuse publicity with pleasures. In actual, publicity is about social relations. A humble and kind soul Rahimi has often expressed a feeling of deep sorrow for the people who are always deprived of opportunities. Her passionate humanitarian work as a result of the challenges faced by many regions on the Continent of Africa has led her to work for those people. She announced that with the help of collaborators, she will build a new hospital and school in Africa and encouraged others to do so.

She says in one other interview,

“There are many ways in which people can help, even just by sponsoring specific organizations. Among the key entities of the UN working tirelessly in Africa are the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the World Food Program (WFP) and the World Health Organization (WHO)”.

She believes that these humanitarian efforts with educational and economical projects will make African people to overcome these challenges.

A Journey of Model to a Movie Star:

Fans are not surprised to learn that Fariba Rahimi is in her progression from model to a movie star. The internet has changed the way opportunities are created. Rahimi says;

“When I was a young model, we had to start with small jobs on our way to slowly gaining recognition. It was more difficult, and it took time to become known in the international modeling world.”

The movie scenes in Africa might not be as flagrant and bloomy but since the last few years, tremendous movies are being shot in Africa. The sources have claimed that films in which Fariba is working are shot in two different locations in Africa. Rahimi’s character is still not known but she might be seen acting alongside South African comedian and actor, Schalk Bezuidenhout. Rahimi is coming to your TV screen soon with her hard work because she made her mark on the world and she is not close to stopping very soon.

Fariba Rahimi: A True Inspiration in the World of Women Empowerment

Fariba Rahimi was born on 18th September, 1979 in Tehran, Iran. Rahimi always dreamt of becoming a model and soon after 16 years, when she was able to select her career, she planned to move to Turkey because her dream and career goals can never be achieved there. Leaving your family at a young age is not that easy as we think. No matter how great we are and what we do, as long as we remain within our family circles, our talent will die in obscurity and irrelevance. After living a couple of years in Turkey, she planned her success and decided to go to Norway alone because she knew it was gonna happen. She began her career in modeling as a passionate young girl for a native modeling agency in Trondheim, for 2 years.

As, “A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work,” but it is more difficult when it comes to a woman. It is the continuous struggling spirit that enables a strong woman to prosper in her career. Who had thought that a little girl born in Iran with strict regimes will fulfill her goals with this endless enthusiasm?

No matter what perspective, the will power of women like Fariba is Incredible. She is the best stimulus for success for everyone. It is inspiring how a powerful lady can take charge of different businesses and become successful and powerful as she is today.

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