Desperado Orchestra Releases Retro-Funk Masterpiece “Outer Space” (Official Music Video)

Desperado Orchestra is no newcomer to the game. After multiple single releases and thousands of streams on most major digital platforms, he releases an incredibly futuristic visual piece for his hit track titled “Outer Space,” where viewers will have the privilege of seeing Desperado in strange spaceships, vessels of all kinds, and even walking on the moon or what seems to be another planet. 

On this latest record, the talented retro-funk singer-songwriter has imagined a soulful sonic design, beautifully executed by this guitar master musician who also skillfully delivers the most outstanding vocal deliveries. Whether it is from a lyrical standpoint or the instrumental he has crafted for “Outer Space,” Desperado Orchestra sets fire wherever he plays, thanks to a limitless passion for music, art, and sharing. 


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