According to Gallup poll, Colombia is the 2nd happiest country in the world!

Every year the World Happiness Report is introduced, which includes the world’s happiest country from top to bottom. All the reports depend on the data from the Gallup World Poll. This report covers all the topics from job security, government corruption to LGBTQ rights in a massive survey of 160 countries in 140 languages! Gallup Poll includes a section in its report in which people are asked different questions related to their personal well-being. A total of 12 questions are asked, and these questions are designed in such a way that elicit two very different kinds of answers about happiness.

Colombia – Second Happiest Country in the World?

Fiji is the “Happiest Country in the World,” making Colombia the second happiest in the world. Colombians ranks the highest in the world when people are asked about emotions. Nordic countries have been coming on top of the world happiness reports have the rest of the world wondering. Their dominance in the happiness rankings makes people think that true happiness comes from the creative-wood stacking and an obsession with cured fish. But it’s not true at all! According to a Gallup poll, Colombia is the second happiest country in the world, and it has different reasons behind it!

Gallup Report on World Happiest Countries

According to a survey of happiness, hope, and economic optimism that was conducted by Gallup pollster, Colombia is the second happiest country on the planet. In this poll, Colombia came to second with 87 points, second only to Fiji that gained 92 points. The Philippines came to third with 84 points.

In Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Kazakhstan, Papua New Guinea, other countries are made to the top ten out of 55 countries. While the Netherlands and Argentina are both tied for the tenth place, on the other hand, countries like Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, Greece, and Brazil, unfortunately, are considered unhappiest in the world.

Colombian Survey of Gallup

According to the report total of 88 out of 100 Colombians says that they are happy in the country. Out of these, 46% believe that their condition will improve, while 26% believe that things will disimprove and take the wrong road!

Colombians levels of optimism are 6 points higher than Latin American counterparts. Latin American counterparts are 9 points and 40% higher than the global average! Even despite all the ongoing problems, Colombians stand high. They are facing critical issues like corruption, violence, and economic uncertainty. However, still, every Colombian that took part in the survey endeavored to see the positive side of their current situation.

Reasons behind Colombia being World’s Second Happiest Country!

The thing that made every think about this report is how Colombians maintain their renowned happiness when they are facing such unimaginable atrocity, loss, and economic hardship? From this, we can say that Colombians live for the celebration. Colombia is a South American country with more festivals than in the days of the year. They have amazing festivals andColombians always show the world their best! It is no wonder that people from all over the world visit Colombia to enjoy their festivals.

These are just a few reasons why Colombia is ranked as one of the happiest in the countries in the world by annual WIN/Gallup International poll ranks. The real reason behind it is the people of the country mean Colombians. Colombians have a knack of finding happiness from the little things, and they always think of the positive prospects. People with their positive thoughts make the country happiest of all!


Even though the country is facing some critical condition, it is ranked second to the top in the world happiness report by Gallup. Colombians make happiness their priority and say that money can’t buy happiness. That is why they are happy today, and it is Colombian’s pride that they find happiness even from little things!

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