A Beginner’s Guide to Visiting Rights for Grandparents in Colorado

Is it important for you to see your grandchildren? Do you want to be with them for some of those special moments in life? As a grandparent some of the most special times are getting to spend them watching your grandchildren grow and learn.

Everybody has rights when it comes to visiting their family members, even grandparents have rights that you may not have been aware of. In this article, we are going to discuss in depth the visiting rights for grandparents in Colorado.

We are going to talk about some of the laws you may know and others you may not have ever heard of. Grandparents are beginning to take a stand and exert their rights to visit their grandchildren. Read on to learn more.

Defining Visitation Rights

The visitation rights for grandparents has evolved and outlined specific guidelines for the ability to visit grandchildren. Typically, there are particular situations in which a grandparent will seek to implement visitation guidelines if they’ve lost contact with their grandchildren.

Some situations include:

  • Visitation with grandchildren when the parents of the child have gone through a divorce
  • Situations when the child is in the custody of someone that isn’t the parent or another family member
  • One parent or the other is now deceased

When children are in situations such as these, the person who has sole guardianship of the child may feel that it is in the child’s best interest to keep them from certain family members.

As a grandparent, if one of these situations occurs, you have the right to be allowed to visit your grandchildren. At times this may mean obtaining a court order allowing these regular visits to take place.

Custody Cases

Custody cases, some circumstances will allow a grandparent to continue seeing their grandchildren. If a child’s removed from the home because of abuse or neglect, the grandparent may gain sole guardianship over the child if they deemed fit.

You may also be awarded sole guardianship if you’ve cared for the child for more than 6 months when they were living with their parents.

Can My Rights Be Revoked?

Simply put, yes, as a grandparent, your right to visit your grandchildren can be terminated or reversed. However, some reasons would cause your rights to be terminated.

The causes of revocation or termination include:

  • The child gets adopted by another family that can provide for them better than you can
  • The parent that is your child does something that causes them to lose custody and parental rights of the child
  • The factors that contribute to the child’s well-being change

All these reasons listed above can result in the regulation or termination of your visitation rights. Of course, you can use the legal system to find out if the reinstatement of your rights is possible.

However, in the end whatever is decided in court will be the standing order unless it’s appealed by yourself and your representation.

Visiting Rights For Grandparents In Colorado

In the end, it is essential to understand the visiting rights for grandparents in Colorado before pursuing those rights in a court of law. When you know the rights you have, you can then make reasonable decisions as it pertains to your grandchildren.

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