Lia Simone Davila: Everything you need to know

Lia Simone Davila is the Owner and Director of Hamden Academy of Dance & Music. She’s widely known for her innovative techniques and styles of dance, mentorship, and fame after her viral post at

A Connecticut native, Lia is an educator, entrepreneur, wife, mother, mentor, and supporter of many. Lia’s a graduate of Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia where she was a Drum Major and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology . After returning home she began teaching dance for the New Haven Board of Education.

After finishing graduate school, Lia Davila began her career in education at New York City public schools as a high school special education teacher. After two years of commuting and premature birth of her first child, Davila decided that working closer to home was the only option! Over a span of 25 years, Lia has worked for the city of New haven in several different capacities that all evolved around the City’s youth. Lia’s genuine characteristics, talents, and love of the arts led her to open Ultimate Dance Experience in 2002, which was later renamed Hamden Academy of Dance & Music. Across the span of 18 years Davila has given over $75,000.00 in dance scholarships. Her school has also made a huge impact on St. Thomas Virgin Island. Over the past 14 years the school has performed on the island over 10 seasons and brought a minimum of  500 students. The success of her studio and students convey the significance of Davila’s impact on the youth.

In her personal life, Davila is the wife of Dwayne Davila and the mother of 9 beautiful children. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking with family and friends, hosting themed parties, reading, traveling with her students, and families to perform throughout the state of Connecticut and across the ocean to perform for the beautiful people on the Island of St. Thomas.

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