Here’s How To Date Someone With A Different Taste In Music

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She likes country, you like rap. Or maybe you’re more of an alternative rock fan while they’re all about K-pop. If this is your current dating situation, you’re not alone. Preference in music appears to be an important factor in dating as a new survey indicates that only 54 percent of men and 46 percent of women would date someone who they think has poor taste in music. Moreover, the poll reveals that the most unattractive genre for women is heavy metal, while most men are averse to hip hop. Sure, you can ditch your go-to jams just to have a successful dating life, but that would ultimately result in dissatisfaction and resentment on your part. Instead of drastically changing your music preferences, why not find a way to accept each other’s tastes and make your relationship work? Here’s how to date someone with a different taste in music.

Learn about what’s causing their aversion

You think you’ve found the one and have started imagining different scenarios for a romantic proposal. If you’ve been together for quite some time, you’ve probably even started saving your money and checking out ring styles and prices in preparation for that big day. Yet at the back of your mind, you’re wondering why your significant other has a strong aversion to your taste in music or to a certain artist. Is it just a matter of having different music tastes, or is it something more?

It’s possible that a certain music genre, song, or artist may remind your significant other about a painful moment in their life, such as a bad childhood, a toxic relationship, or a breakup. A poll has shown that 35 percent of people are unable to listen to a specific type of music or song anymore because it reminds them of an ex. Rather than forcing your type of music on your SO, encourage them to open up about their feelings so you can understand where they’re coming from, and you’ll know how to adjust and behave in order to have a harmonious relationship.

Find a genre you can listen to together

Perhaps nothing is more annoying than becoming one of those people who only listen to one type of music while looking down at other genres. To help your relationship and musical tastes grow, expand your horizons by finding a genre that you can listen to together. There are over 1,200 genres and microgenres of music out there, so it’s likely that you’ll find a few that both of you will enjoy. Go on Spotify and discover what types of music that both of you can vibe to. You may like death metal while your partner prefers indietronica, but it’s possible that both of you may take a liking to alternative R&B music from Jhene Aiko and Frank Ocean. Experiment and see what works for both of you and create a playlist so you’ll get recommendations and access to fresh tunes.

You may be deeply in love with someone but it’s important not to lose your identity. As music preference can tell much about a person’s identity, remember that your musical taste is part of what makes you uniquely you, so compromise, but don’t give up the music that you love. Find a way to grow together as music enthusiasts, and see how it benefits your relationship in the long run.

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