Health coach, Erika Schlick, has a unique view on what it takes to truly thrive.

Erika Schlick is a health coach that is a strong promoter of how a healthy diet can truly transform your life.  She has a unique story that brought her to face many different challenges showing her the significance of what healthy living really is. Erika has been featured on Netflix’s Afflicted and is the author of her own cookbook, The Wandering Palette.  She has also been featured on many different news and morning shows where she’s demonstrated many of her original recipes.  Erika’s path to her success was not an easy one, and she is taking her newfound knowledge to help anyone who is ready to take the steps to really improve their lives.

The start of Erika’s journey from and back to health was after a camping trip to Yosemite. Erika had come down with what she thought was just a flu.  She didn’t think much of it as it was something she was used to experiencing, but she seemed like she was unable to fully recover.  After going for 2 years of tests with no explanation, she finally found a doctor who was able to diagnose her with Lyme Disease.  After years of commitment to living a healthy lifestyle she was able to heal from Lyme disease without using antibiotics and was able to overcome many of her other battles such as Hashimoto’s, Celiac Disease, Psoriasis, Alopecia and many other issues like food allergies and gut issues.

Erika took all of these challenges and faced them head on, not allowing them to defeat her.  Before her diagnosis, Erika acted upon her zest for life without any reservations, but her health battles took her from being a high functioning member of society with many achievements to just trying to make it through the day.  She was a Licensed Architect, owned her own design agency, practiced yoga daily, and traveled the world. She was always out and about, experiencing life, and socializing with lack of energy never being a factor.

Erika started treating Lyme and Co-infections in 2014 and after 2.5 years, she was about 60% better, but felt she was at a plateau.  This stop in her improvement brought her to make the decision to get stem cell therapy, using her own stem cells, and this stem cell therapy is what finally brought her into remission.

Today Erika lives a symptom-free life in remission from all of her conditions, but this doesn’t come without effort. In order to maintain her state of remission, she religiously eats clean, lives a healthy lifestyle, and manages her stress. Commitment to this lifestyle goes without question, as she is so grateful to be able to exercise again, and she is enjoying her life and her health.

With such an intense and unique healing journey, she has come to acquire a tremendous amount of new-found knowledge about health and healing. During her own trail to health she decided to become a certified health coach and graduated from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN)  in 2015.  She started her Health Coaching Practice to help those also trying to heal from chronic conditions or simply people looking to optimize their health so they don’t ever find themselves in the situation she found herself in. Her personal experience and formal training combined enable her to successfully guide people through their own trail to health.

Today Erika focuses on living a healthy and fulfilling life. She enjoys working with clients through her health coach practice, continuing to create healthy recipeswriting for her blog on how to stay healthy, and traveling the world on a restricted diet and documenting amazing eateries catering to gluten-free dining around the world.  Also, with her strong connection to the cause, she works closely with Global Lyme Alliance to help find a cure for Lyme and host education and fundraising events.

Erika Schlick is a woman like no other.  Her story is one of triumph over unimaginable battles, and she is an inspiration to anyone trying to make a healthy change in their lives.  Erika guides people not only through healthy eating, but she provides them with tools for healthy habits that will bring an overall improvement in their quality of life.   If you’re interested in learning more about Erika, her recipes, tips, what else she has to offer, or having her guide you on your own trail to health, here is a link to her website: The Trail to Health.

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