For Alma: A Documentary Time Capsule

Have you ever wondered what people think before they create a time capsule? The kind of objects or memories they select for their future selves to see once more? As we live through the COVID-19 pandemic, actress Paola Baldión has decided to create a documentary time capsule for her daughter Alma to see in the future. The best part is that as the audience we get to see her process and we are witnesses to the selection of memories she chooses to share with her unborn child.

As an entertainer, Paola is used to captivating the viewer’s attention just like she does with this new documentary. She allows us to step into her world and understand what being pregnant in pandemic times means. Her husband and she became actors, directors, producers, and writers of a series that will show their daughter what life was like before she was born in a time in history when everything was uncertain.

When you were a kid, did you ever wonder what your parents thought when they found out they were pregnant with you? With this episode, and probably the ones to come, you are able to see and experience everything new parents are going through. Except this time there is a twist: a global pandemic. So you will see two parents disinfecting their veggies with baking soda and their groceries with Clorox. I can assure you your parents didn’t have to do that. Isn’t it funny how the circumstances can change?

Even if the world is crazier than usual, Paola and her husband manage to keep things happy. In the last few minutes of the first episode, you can see them enjoying a live stream from one of their friends. There are people dancing and music in the background while Paola does some dance moves from her couch. The funny little details from what has become normal during these unprecedented times. Alma will get to see her parents never lost their smiles and kept things joyful for her.

As a time capsule, this documentary works perfectly! We get to see the couple share their thoughts and their feelings. Their daughter will be able to understand exactly what life was like. Dad painting in his studio. Mom sunbathing in the garden. Both of them working out in the living room. Their cat walking around the house like he owns it. What better memories could she have asked for? That is the core of her parents’ happiness: creating her life in their happy place.

If you think about it, Alma will experience it the same way you did. One day she will sit on her bed, open YouTube, and watch her parents share their lives with the world. While watching every new episode, you are living their present but also peeking a little bit into their daughter’s future. You are part of that time capsule because Alma will see how many of us were enjoying her parents’ journey and waiting for her.

In this virtual time capsule, we see pregnancy tests with broken teeth, ridiculous pandemic photoshoots, a bunch of different face masks, and at home workouts. What else could describe the COVID-19 pandemic better than that? In a time when everything is crazy, we need people who are silly and allow us to be silly with them. That is exactly what Paola and Jamie are doing by documenting her pregnancy.

Hopefully the next few episodes will continue to make us smile and see the positive side of life. While Paola is expecting Alma, we are expecting to see what comes next for this beautiful family that has already stolen our hearts.

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