Christie Smith is Showing Artists That They Can Follow Their Passion to Financial Success

After spending 25 years as an LPGA golf professional, Christie Smith transitioned into the world of art about seven years ago. Not only is she recognized as an inspiring and talented artist, but she is also the owner of the Unleashed Art Gallery in Half Moon Bay in Northern California. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, she has been thriving in 2020. By offering virtual showings of her gallery and artwork she has been able to continue her business operations.

Right now she is donating 20% of all sales to her Half Moon Bay community through her Church which is helping to provide emergency meals and other services. She also donated 15 pieces of her work to emergency room nurses that are serving those on the front lines. Through her art, she is fostering human connection and bringing joy to those during these dark times.

“My artwork is an inner expression of who I am that connects me to others through my artwork. I feel the need to create, to create for the sole purpose of connection… to myself and to others. I want to use my artistic talents to give back to others who are in need.”

Outside of her gallery, her art can be found in the Navio restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay. She is known for her incredible work with resin, a two-component compound that requires quick skill and attention when creating a piece. Her talent to create fluid and beautiful art is what has contributed to her success.

Recently she has begun to work on a new project. She is producing on a new product she designed for commercial use. Through a mutual contact, she has developed a great relationship with winery and vineyard owners in Napa. The high-value piece can be backlit to where the resin painting is illuminated. The colors and speed at which the lights respond can be controlled creating a breathtaking and unique new look to the piece. Each one is 4ft by 6ft and is unlike anything is ever seen before. She hopes to sell more of these “illumination” type pieces throughout the year.

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