3 Virtual Projects To Keep You Busy At Home

A number of states are beginning to roll back their stay-at-home orders, but COVID-19 is still going to impact our lifestyles for months to come. Experts are advising that we stay home unless necessary. So, while it might be possible to go out to bars and restaurants soon, guidelines recommend that we continue avoiding crowds and large social gatherings.

If you’re getting bored at home – and unless you are an introvert you certainly are – there are some fun projects you can do from the comfort of your bedroom. These projects will keep you busy without putting too much pressure on you to perform.

Try one or more of the following 3 virtual projects.

1. Build a website

Every business needs a website, and so do professionals who are working on building their personal brands. But individuals looking for something to do can get a lot of personal satisfaction from building a website.

A website is the most effective way of sharing your thoughts, ideas, and creativity. You can use it to write a blog, share your music, and exhibit your art. If you are motivated to make some extra money, a website can serve as a portfolio or as a platform to sell your goods.

Building a website in 2020 is incredibly easy. First off, you’re going to need good hosting. Hostinger is rapidly becoming a popular option, as you can see in THIS review. Hosting is the most fundamental requirement for getting your website to run.

When you have hosting, choose a CMS like WordPress or Wix. These website builders will guide you through the process of creating an attractive, effective website. They will even help you with SEO to attract visitors from around the web.

2. Make music

If you love listening to music, chances are you can make it too. You don’t even have to learn how to play an instrument. You can simply use software to produce music without ever touching a real instrument.

Macbooks come with GarageBand for free. GarageBand is an incredible software suite, with which you can produce professional sounding songs, from start to finish. If you use a Windows computer, LMMS is a good option, although it does not provide nearly as much as GarageBand for free.

You will need to know some basics about music creation. There are tons of YouTube channels and websites that will guide you through the basics. Most music lovers already have a good ear for music, and with the bare minimum understanding of music theory, will be able to make music through trial and error.

3. Online courses

Even if you don’t enjoy learning information, you can have fun doing an online course. This is because there are plenty of courses teaching useful skills. You can do courses on cooking, singing, playing an instrument, coding, and so much more.

These skills can be useful for your career, but pressuring yourself to improve your skill set for work right now might be demotivating. Rather try learning to do something you’ve always wanted to. Something you thought you would never have the time for.

Remember that most skills can be learned. You don’t need to become an expert chef to be a decent cook. You don’t need to sing professionally to improve your karaoke chops. Treat yourself to the experience of learning a skill. It will keep you busy and engaged.

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