Spilling the Tea: Refurbished iPhone Professionals Reveal Their Secrets

As the world economy is changing due to the coronavirus crisis, the lives of everyone in the world is, subsequently, changing as well. While there was a time when the majority of smartphone users were able to upgrade their smartphones with brand-new devices each year or every other year, now, other matters have risen to the top of most people’s financial priorities lists moving upgrading new smartphones further to the back of most people’s minds.

However, there is another aspect of this matter which is also highlighted by the COVID-19 lockdown situation. This matter is the need for having better smartphones with premium features to be able to connect with the outside world over the internet while staying home to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the infection.

So, to find the right balance between wanting to save money for the necessities of life during this hard times and the need to have a better smartphone since it is acting at most times as your only connection to the outside world, many users have started thinking about buying refurbished phones for their cheaper prices. If you are, too, considering buying a refurbished iPhone, the refurbished phone experts from QwikFone are spilling the tea in this post so that users are able to understand how iPhones are refurbished and how to choose your perfect refurbished iPhone deal in the UK.

Different types of refurbished iPhones

When you start looking for a refurbished iPhone in the UK, you will notice that there is a wide range of prices as well as different conditions and different grades of refurbished phones. So, what’s the deal with all of those differences? Let’s find out.

First and foremost, it is important to recognize the two types of refurbished phones available in the market. It is also important to know that these two types are completely unrelated to the condition of the phone as you can, for example, find pristine refurbished iPhones in both of these two categories. With that being said, the 2 types of refurbished iPhones are:

1- Brand-new phones that were barely used by the buyer before being returned to the seller for having a flaw or a technical issue. When these phones are repaired by the manufacturer in order to fix the issue that it was returned for, it is then re-listed by the seller as manufacturer refurbished phones. In the case of iPhones, these phones are sold by Apple.

As you must have guessed, the manufacturer-refurbished iPhone does not allow much of a price decrease as it would be still considered more expensive when compared to other refurbished iPhones by repair centers.

2- Second hand iPhones that are refurbished by mobile repair professionals in the repair center. These are not brand-new phones, the devices were pre-owned by other users who used them as their main drivers for a while before deciding to re-sell them. In this case, refurbishment centers acquire these devices and repair them to be able to re-sell them as pristine devices or in any other condition depending on the seller’s standards of quality.

How second hand iPhones are refurbished

Of course, the refurbishment of the second hand iPhones depend on many parameters that must meet a standard bar in order for these devices to be truthfully marketed and sold as like-new refurbished iPhones in the UK market.

At QwikFone, both the initial testing and the refurbishment processes ensure the required level of quality of our iPhone devices. These are the main points that our refurbishment process has to go over.

The iPhone device has to be pristine

The initial test of the second hand iPhone device, which is conducted by top-tier mobile repair experts, aims to carefully inspect every aspect of the iPhone as it has to be in a pristine condition. This means that devices that have large or visible cosmetic flaws are not qualified as pristine and, therefore, disqualified from the seller’s line-up of pristine refurbished iPhones.


The testing process, then, progresses to inspect the performance of the screen, touch sensitivity, cameras, batteries, motherboard, and every other internal part of the second hand iPhone. If any of these tested parts do not meet the pristine condition standards, it is replaced with a new part to restore the like-new performance level of the refurbished iPhone.

Refurbished OEM parts

For the second hand refurbished iPhones, you must look for grade-A devices in the UK these are the iPhones that were refurbished and repaired using OEM parts and skillful specialists. With a pristine grade-A iPhone, you can guarantee that it will have a long lifetime with a like-new performance. Since the OEM parts of Apple iPhone are quite pricey, experienced refurbishment centers use refurbished OEM parts to ensure the premium performance and keep the price of the refurbished iPhone within the reasonable price range.

Finding Trustworthy Refurbished iPhone deal in the UK

After knowing all of these details, it should be quite obvious that the customer must study his or her refurbished iPhone deal details very carefully in order not to fall a victim for a scam. So, are you going to waste your time looking into every detail of every deal that you can find online available in the UK? Of course not! This wouldn’t be practical nor would it be feasible.

Thankfully, there are two main things that can act as pointer of the quality of the deal and, subsequently, the quality of the refurbished iPhone you are buying. Those two things are the warranty and the return policy. You see, any seller who is confident of the condition and quality of his refurbished iPhone would be willing to accept it when it is returned. As for the warranty, it would take a repair and refurbishment center to offer a reliable warranty policy, not just a regular seller that cannot provide repair services. With QwikFone, for example, customers get a 14-day return period with a full-refund guarantee and a 12-month warranty period with the ability to repair or replace the device with needed.

So, you can consider these are the most common and standard details and parameters to look for when shopping for a refurbished iPhone in the UK. This way, you will be able to cut your costs safely and buy a premium phone for less money with a 0% risk.

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