How Women reproductive health is Getting Affected During Lockdown Globally

The global pandemic that we are now facing affects us not just by our age and medical condition, but in terms of gender too. Although men are said to experience severe effects of the infection, women reproductive health is still in critical condition because of the lockdown being implemented. Among the possible problems that may crop up involving women, cist, as well as trans women face include domestic violence, higher risk because of their job as careers, and not enough power to decide regarding their health in terms of reproductive and reproductive terms.

Abortion Rights

There is an ongoing argument on the absence of female representatives to the current pandemic which put women’s rights in danger. One example here is that there are certain states in the United States that want to put a ban on abortion since it is not considered as urgent during these times. This decision was made based on opening up more hospital beds for those who were affected by the on-going pandemic. In Texas, there is an ongoing ban on this health practice which includes women taking pills to have their babies aborted. Providers of the said service are protesting that medical abortion is not the same as that of surgical abortion that will require a hospital bed, PPEs, or even access to medical products.

Fortunately, a new directive was released where facilities that offer abortion are allowed to operate in Texas for those who wish to have a medical abortion or a surgical abortion. This is to ensure that beds in hospitals will be open for those who have acquired the ongoing virus. Although Texas is not the only place in the US that is requesting a halt in abortion, it is still considered as an essential by experts in women reproductive health since they are in the best position to know what care they need.

Family Planning

Another area where women reproductive health is affected because of the lockdown is in the family planning area. Facilities that offer this service are either operating in reduced work hours or have completely closed already. This led to women looking for unregulated avenues for contraceptives and other products that can help with women’s reproductive health.

Health specialists urge women to purchase contraceptives and other products from verified sellers only. This is because not all products listed online work as promised. Biozooo is one of those sellers that have built quite a reputation with regards to health care goods that can be considered by women. Health clinics that offer services for women’s reproductive health are either closed or are working with half their staff as the rest are deployed in hospital settings to assist in handling the growing pandemic.

Another factor that is currently affecting women is the lack of emergency medical services as well as family planning for women is the absence of GPs in these facilities. This means that these health care facilities cannot provide their clients with effective contraceptives that will last them several months. With the lockdown going on for months, the risk of problems in reproductive as well as reproductive health will go up.

Mental Health

Limiting a woman’s access not just to clinics that do abortions and other health providers do have an impact on women’s mental health. Unfortunately, there are many unintended consequences in women who cannot access these services such as having unplanned pregnancies. Additionally, women are in the forefront these days and are more at risk of having mental issues because of their current condition. This is because healthcare often falls in the realm of women and with the amount of work that they are doing, it can take a toll on their overall mental and physical health. Add because women tend to offer more unpaid care compared to men, it is not surprising that women tend to succumb to mental issues at one point during these trying times.

Emergency Medical Services

What about emergency medical services? Women who need treatment should be able to get it as soon as possible even with the threat of the pandemic. For example, women who need emergency contraception should call up their local clinic and have their needs delivered to them to protect their reproductive health. Fortunately, many pharmacies do go out of their way to have their products delivered, but this usually comes with additional cost.

Health experts recommend that women shouldn’t put off if they feel they need emergency treatment for their reproductive health. Regardless if this means access to contraceptives or abortion pills and services, it should be taken as soon as possible.

What to Consider Regarding Women’s reproductive Health during Pandemic?

When it comes to reproductive health during lockdown, women are advised not to panic. It is understandable that there will be an underlying fear on the circumstances that may arise if there is no help available, but this doesn’t mean that trying out alternative solutions is a must. Home remedies are prevalent and that may appear the only hope for treatment, but it is imperative that you discuss your options with your doctor first.

If you suspect that you have some infection that is affecting your reproductive health, call your doctor as soon as possible. Doctors can do video calls as needed to determine if the condition requires hospital treatment or not. You can also get your prescriptions refilled this way depending on whether you get your doctor’s approval.

Healthcare Industry Needs More Women

The healthcare industry should have an equal number of women representatives to ensure that women reproductive health isn’t forgotten. The latest pandemic shows that there is a serious lack of female representatives in those who are tasked to handle this global infection.

Having equal representation means that, during making decisions, the reproductive and reproductive health of women aren’t forgotten. This way, there is less risk for women, such as higher rates of unwanted pregnancies, mental health problems and everything in between.

Even if we cannot prevent outbreaks from happening, losing the lives of women because of lack of available health resources is unacceptable. It doesn’t matter if their medical issue is having yeast infection, or that they want to get an abortion, these services must be made available especially in situations like these times.

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