How Body Corporates Can Protect Strata Communities from Coronavirus

The coronavirus COVID19, a pandemic that has affected over 100 countries across the globe. In January 2020 WHO, World-Health-Organization stated it as an outbreak of public emergency; as a result, a national concern. And in March 2020 the confirmed cases rose to more than 100,000 found across the 100 countries. A pandemic that has affected all parts of the world; as a result, corporate bodies play an essential role in protecting their residents within the strata communities.

Several guidelines have been provided to cooperate bodies on how they should attend meetings and several precautions that need to be taken within the living space of the strata communities. We have outlined some of the critical guidelines that have been shared; these are preventive measures to ensure the spread of the viruses is drastically reduced.

Proper disinfection to be carried out

Proper sanitization practice needs to be practised by all; if we can keep surfaces clean at all times, it will go a long way in reducing the spread of the virus. Therefore, this includes all tables adequately cleaned and disinfected before and after any cooperate meetings held. All members should properly sanitize when entering and leaving the rooms; thus, a sanitization dispenser will need to be included in these facilities. And if it is possible, meetings should be held via telephone and video conferencing. The aim is to decrease the number of people gathered in one place.

If the meeting needs members in the board rooms proper check will need to be taken, if any member has suffered some flu-like symptoms it is advisable they do not attend the set meeting, or if they have traveled in the affected countries in the last 14 days.

Proper ventilation to be provided

Other than proper disinfecting of rooms, there is a need for adequate ventilation. There should be sufficient circulation of fresh air; this helps in reducing the spread of the virus. And if it is possible avoid sharing of food, utensils, and any other personal hygiene items you might have. And the most important thing to avoid is physical contact. Remember the virus travels very first from person to person, thus avoid handshakes, touching your face, and ensure you are always keeping a healthy distance between individuals.

Infection control cleaning within the strata community

Some of the facilities provided in strata communities might pose a risk in the spread of the virus. These are facilities like the gymnasiums, and barbeques might pose a high risk for the residents. As a result, infection control cleaning needs to be incorporated, ensuring a reduction of the spread of the virus in all levels.

Some preventive measures to be aware of

  • During the corporate meeting, if water has to be provided to the members ensure it is bottled. This should be disposed of immediately after the meeting.
  • Meeting rooms should be properly disinfected and proper ventilation provided.
  • All staff members and clients should thoroughly wash their hands, remember to rub soap with water for at least 40 seconds before rinsing to kill any germs collected.
  • And most importantly avoid physical contact with other members, ensure you are following the health measures set out.

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