Fall in Love With Virtual Skylights & Make Interiors Feel More Open

We have constantly known that natural light positively affects our general prosperity. Sunlight brings down cholesterol & blood pressure and builds up your immune system. It gives an exquisite physical knowledge about the environment around us helping us know the time. Exposure to constrained sunlight is prescribed for its healing properties even by select medical professionals. Illuminating your home has a lot of advantages.

In any case, lighting need not be simply from windows. Virtual Skylights or rooftop windows are an extraordinary source of natural light. Did you realize that because of its positioning, a rooftop window can acquire multiple times more light than a vertical window of a similar size? Even on a cloudy rainy day, rooftop windows can perk you up with the view of the rain about you.

Diminishing your dependency on artificial lighting during the day, Virtual Skylight can be used principally in stand-alone homes or bungalows with terraces. In some cases, tubular skylights or solar tubes may even be installed in the basement, ground floor, or essentially any room in the house. The best thing is that they can also be built in an existing house with the least redesigns. Before you approach installing a virtual skylight, there are a few things to consider. Virtual Skylights can be fitted, operated, vented or non-vented, because of your inclinations. A ventilated, operated skylight is usually recommended, as it reduces the warmth produced during hot summers. To ensure efficiency spreading light with minimal heat gain or loss, you will need to take measures to improve your skylight. Most skylights for homes are customized according to people’s personal preferences, so remember long-term support factors, which may vary depending upon where you live.

Where to Install Skylight?

This one is difficult to pick, however, you can consider installing a skylight in the rooms, depending upon the mood you wish to radiate. Huge, nation style welcoming spaces are commonly helpful for adding a skylight to their design, as it permits the walls to reflect light and make space for house plants. An average inclining rooftop space or barn area also works well with rooftop windows as they give an extraordinary night sky view.

Why Virtual Skylights Better than Traditional Fluorescent Lights

Virtual Skylights are designed to replace the traditional fluorescent office-type light fittings, which could be a blemish in a rich inside, LED panel lights to boast an exquisite aluminum surround and opal diffuser to discredit any glare. Another reward is that, unlike some fluorescents, they don’t glint or murmur. Also, they are maintenance-free because there are no globes or cylinders that need to be replaced due to the built-in LED, which keeps going for up to 30 000 hours. 

With their slim profiles of just 1 centimeter, they are lightweight and easy to install They are unimaginably energy effective and every part is 100% recycled – making these lights an amazingly “green” expansion to any home.

Get any style of home interior design and the first thing they suggest is creating a naturally bright home. It saves power and enhances the design style by making an aura of positive energy. In rooms where protection might be an issue or there are limited sun-facing wall windows, virtual skylights make a great choice.

Decide the size and spacing of your skylight by calculating 3-4 percent of the room’s floor space and they should be placed approximately 1.5 times the tallness between your floor and ceiling. Also, there are factors such as your local climate conditions, air pollution levels and the surrounding trees that can cast a shadow. Innerscene creates a family room that shines with natural light flowing from the virtual skylights.

Innerscene Virtual Sun is a virtual skylight that can be installed in a ceiling or wall and gives a sensible 3D view of a distant sun or moon and its surrounding sky. Beyond its power to amaze, pure beauty, Innerscene Virtual Sun also functions to give natural-looking light to the interior and underground rooms without access to windows. It optically recreates the presence of natural sun and sky in any environment day or night and can reproduce the colors of the sky and the intensity of the sun for any time of day or world. 

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