Effective Maintenance and Care Tips for Your Wood Wedding Rings

Responsible fashion was the focus of discussion for ‘Spring 2020 fashion season’ as per https://www.vogue.com. This reflects the current trend of the use of natural materials like wood, stone, shell, and raffia in fashionable jewelry. If you are thinking of buying a wedding ring that is natural and yet chic, you could invest in a beautiful wood wedding ring for an added touch of elegance and class. The good thing is that wooden rings are very durable and do not need anything more than gentle polishing with a microfiber cloth to maintain its sheen and natural radiance. However, they will last much longer and keep looking pristine if you follow some basic but highly effective maintenance and care tips.

Do Not Rush into Wearing Your New Wooden Ring 

Despite a lot of meticulous handiwork, wooden wedding rings are typically quite sturdy. That said they still come with all the quirks that are unique to wood. You will need to give it a little TLC; the typical recommendation is to hold out for about a month before actually wearing the new rings. This is because anew ring will have gone through a change of climate from the workshops to your home, and it can take a few weeks for the wood to harden and cure. If your ring feels tight then don’t use force to remove it; instead, lather your finger with soap and gently slide it off your finger, after which, you should let it dry out completely.

You Must Not Wet Your Wood Rings for Too Long

Wooden bands and inlays typically have a resin waterproof coating, which gives them protection, albeit limited, from exposure to water. However, it is a good idea to remove the ring from your finger when you plan to do things that would expose the wood to water for an extended period of time. This means that you should remove your wedding ring during showers, baths, and even while doing the dishes. It is also advisable to remove your wooden ring before you take a dip in the sea or the swimming pool. However, it is perfectly okay for you to keep them on if you are just washing your hands because the exposure to water is limited.

You must also ensure they are not exposed to sprays, perfumes, antibacterial wipes, harsh soaps, sunscreen, mosquito repellents, hair products or harsh chemicals like isopropyl alcohol since they can have an unwanted reaction with the wood. It is a good idea to apply a coat of wax to the wooden portions of the ring with a soft cloth at regular intervals. Butcher block conditioners and similar suspensions of soft and hard wax in mineral oil are a great choice to retain the fine finish and buff out any scratches that might have appeared over time.


While it might sound like a lot, common sense is all you need to keep your wood ring looking new for years. Taking the basic precautions will soon become second nature and you will be able to cherish and enjoy a marvel of nature on your finger.

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