Edinburgh course graphic design for beginners

Need to know course graphic design for beginners

A future in the new media industry (and specifically graphic design) depends on choosing the right Edinburgh course graphic design for beginners. As a graduate student in this field, I will be able to provide you with the absolute best advice you can get regarding this topic. We give classes at 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

Focus area

The first thing you should know about schools of this nature is that they are designed with everyone in mind, and that means that people who enter the program may have absolutely no experience. In my case, they applied for a portfolio of work as part of the process of admission. If you are self-taught and eager to consolidate your existing knowledge or a total beginner, this is a good option for you. However, if you have already completed a similar program, you may want to take a new program simply to improve your skills (because the field of new media is always changing). If you can, really, really, really helps if you take a freehand drawing course before learning to draw on a computer.


Does the school participate in any graphic arts contest?

Have the student’s achieved anything of renown in the industry?


Trust me; this does not go without saying. The quality of your education in graphic design will be directly related to the instructors. I have never come across who was not very knowledgeable on the subject. Of course, there is a big difference between knowing the subject area and being able to teach (that is, transmit that information and manage students, answer questions, etc.

Job placement

100% make sure they enter a program that incorporates work experience. Or at least a practicum. This is typically 100 hours of actual work experience and is absolutely invaluable to your career.

Curriculum and tools

You should assess whether the curriculum is relevant to your field of study. You may want to compare the different graphic design schools to see which one offers the best form of education. As in my case, the administration did something they had never done before: change the curriculum in the middle of the program. The reasoning behind this was that the software we were programmed to be instructed on would soon be discontinued on the Mac. It really pays off if you can preview the facilities to find out what tools they are using. Don’t just search the computers, browse and view the program directory, and note which programs are installed and if they are the latest versions.

The proportion of students per teacher

Graphic design is a kind of industry that more or less requires personal contributions in each project. For this reason, not only can you be known as the Photoshop guy, it’s your responsibility to be well-versed in many different programs and techniques to create stunning graphics and illustrations. And that means you will definitely need individualized instruction, or at least the ability to stop the class in case you miss out. These programs are very fast, and if you don’t make sure you fully understand the concepts in the first semester, you will get lost hopelessly, fast.


Accreditation means that the school has passed certain educational quality standards. If you can, literally ask for a minute of the time of the main departments and discover a list of the companies in which the students have been hired.


Complete graphic design education can cost for an intensive one-year program (120 credits). The goal here is to find a university, college, or technical institute that is internationally recognized for its excellence. Let’s face it; Harvard University will look much better on your resume than Texas Community College. Three major BCIT recognized schools are located in Vancouver, Canada (Vancouver is the Hollywood equivalent of graphic designers, web designers, and all new media experts), the Art Institute (with locations worldwide), and the School of Vancouver Cinema (VFS) that has very specialized graphic design programs.

What will your designs primarily cover? 

Will you be doing print jobs for your clients, such as business brochures, business cards, etc.? Will you mainly focus on online design for company logos, web design, etc.? The type of design you plan to do could influence the software program you select, but in these will be great for all of the above. Specializing in one area will help you gain a solid reputation in one design area, branching out to different areas will maximize your earning potential. Let’s look briefly at some of the programs available and their approximate cost.


Most people have heard of this program, but many people think it is just for manipulating and editing photos. Well, it is much more than that. Did you know that you can upload videos to Photoshop and edit them? Most people do not realize the power of this program. You can design anything to logos using the full range of Photoshop tools. However, the only thing Photoshop does better is to remain photos. Photoshop uses pixel-based images, and if you need to enlarge a pixel-based image, you will see a blur effect. If you plan on making as many images as you need in different sizes, Photoshop may not be the right program. Adobe has a student discount available that you can take advantage of to save a ton. It does not matter if you are a student or have a child who is in middle school, college, high school, or elementary school; as long as you can prove that you qualify for the educational discount.


Adobe Illustrator uses vector images that can be resized without loss of definition. It is better to use Illustrator if a customer needs a logo or image in different sizes. It has a similar design to Photoshop, but they are very different programs. It’s like Photoshop, can be a little intimidating for the new user, and very few people use all the functions of any of the programs. It is best for t-shirt design, web graphics and is great with printed graphics. Illustrator is priced similarly to Photoshop, and the educational discount could also apply to this program.


GIMP is rapidly gaining popularity not only for its powerful editing features but because it is an open-source program. What that means to you is totally FREE!

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