Build Real Estate Brand on Social Media

If you are a real estate agent, today you realize how important social networks are to your business. But have you ever wondered if you can do something else on social media? Apply these tips to manage social networks for real estate leads.

If you mismanage your social networks, you are losing $$$ in your real estate agency.

What’s the trick? Well, it’s not a trick really. Its success is due to a seven-step process that any real estate agent can replicate to grow their business through social media. Yes, it takes time and dedication, but all good relationships require it.

Step 1: Know Your Client

For the rest of the steps to work, you have to know who your ideal customer is. Don’t you know who your client is? Take a look at who connects with you on your social networks. It is a good place to start.

Knowing who your target audience is will make a big difference in the type of content you will share and the ads you will create.

If you want someone to listen to you, you have to learn to speak the same language.

Step 2: Prepare to Succeed

I share with you a secret of social networks: do not sell all the time.

Here’s another one: let your profile do the selling for you.

Think of the second point. When you see your social media profiles, are you easy to contact? Can people quickly identify what your business is about and how you can help them? To better answer these questions, review the following points:


Is your profile complete?


Is it easy to find your phone number, website, and / or your email address?


Was your profile designed with your ideal client in mind?


Do you have a welcoming profile with a smiling face?


Does your cover photo have your brand?


Do you have a call to action (CTA) on Facebook?


Do you invite people to connect with you on your Twitter bio?

The easier it is to work with you, the more likely someone is to do it.

Step 3: Provide Long Term Value

A major challenge for real estate agents, particularly on social media, is the typical cycle of buying/selling real estate. What most real estate agents do is publish their listings. This is particularly useful for people who are actively looking for a home. But what about the rest? Even your most loyal customers can turn away from you when the buying cycle ends. They will not need to see houses again in a period of approximately 5 years. So why should they stay and follow you?

The solution is to provide value to your customers, even when they are not in the buying/selling process. Instead of just publishing your property list, share interesting activities that can be done in the geographical area where you are, tips for home maintenance, sales in local stores, interesting news about your city, the local weather, you understand the idea. Try to share content that your ideal real estate leads finds useful all the time and is related to real estate, finances, home, or your city.

Step 4: Facilitate Interaction

Providing useful data to your audience is great. But the next level is connecting with them. If you want your content to remain relevant, you need to have a two-way conversation. Ask questions, share personal notes about your family or your hobbies, take a survey. And make sure that once the conversation starts, you will reply to every message and comment that comes to you.

If you want to promote interaction on your social networks, reward this behavior with a quick and friendly response.

Step 5: Create Bold Ads

You will have better results (on Facebook particularly) when you use the ads to increase the impact of your organic efforts.

If Facebook Ads seem strenuous to you, you can start by promoting one of your posts. It is important to remember that any type of advertising you do is directed to your ideal client.

Avoid at all costs the temptation to force people to see things that they do not find interesting. You will be more successful if you use advertising tools to promote content that does want to be seen by people interested in what you offer.

Step 6: Allow Your Clients to Attract More Clients

There are some very interesting statistics from the American Real Estate Association: 84% of people who bought or sold a home said they would recommend their agent to other people, and 42% of people found their real estate agent through family members and friends. This means that your current clients – and the previous ones – are your best allies to find new real estate leads.

Make “Like” your Facebook page part of the listing process. Ask them to share their own listing on their personal Facebook profile. When you close, ask them to make a review that you can post on your social media. All these actions will help your Facebook friends see you; Maybe they like the page, they will call you when they want to sell their house or they will ask their friend about you.

Social media helps real estate agents get referrals.

Step 7: Convert, Measure, Repeat

All these efforts on social networks will not sell houses for you or close deals. You still have to do your work outside of Facebook and have them visit the properties. Creating a strong presence on social networks with attractive content will allow you to meet more people, faster … but what you do “in the offline world” is up to you.

Be sure to check your stats so you can check the type of content that works best with your target audience so you can readjust your strategy and produce compelling messages.

One of the best things I’ve done to help me get a bigger picture of what was happening on my various social media accounts was to use reports. I find everything in one place; I can see my posts performance detail, recommendations for my content strategy, ROI, and more.

Social media is a powerful tool for real estate agents. Apply these tips to manage your social networks and you will see better results too.

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