Bring more mindfulness to your day – Go the Jonah Engler way

Has it ever happened to you? You started eating your gelato cone and then saw it all vanish within a few seconds? Or it could be that you set out on a journey and realized that you hadn’t met a single person on the way before you reached your destination? These are all relatable realities. These are instances of mindfulness as the holistic healers and authors talk about in their books and studies. Most people lead a life in an autopilot mode. So, have you already started wanting to live more mindfully now? If yes, you aren’t the only one.

Most of us cannot focus! We are inattentive and are focusing on too many things at one go. And that can lead to missing out on essential details. It is necessary to switch from a scattered mind mode to a more focused and attentive mode. It helps to enhance your life, relationships, job, and other choices you make.

Jonah Engler’s suggestion to become more mindful each day

Practicing mindfulness might seem like an adventure ride in the beginning! However, when you start working on it, you will find it challenging and almost impossible to focus. The average human mind hasn’t learned to focus other than a few essential situations, like praying, playing chess, watching a movie, to name a few. People like Jonah Engler, who love to read and explore the powers of the mind, suggests multiple ways to bring in mindfulness in your life. A few important steps are:

  1. Saying yes to social and digital detox

Most of us today stay glued to our Smartphones and tablet devices. We are constantly browsing online video streaming channels, checking the social media updates, and personal messenger chats. And this habit eats away our capacity to focus! Social and digital detox is essential to regain back the power to focus more and be mindful. Doing this requires time and patience, as you will witness withdrawal symptoms.

Here’s how to go about it!

Instead of deactivating your Facebook or Instagram account, gradually reduce the time you spend on each. A smart way is to allot time during the day for checking your social media updates. Also, switch off the mobile data for two to three hours and log-in for about 10 minutes to take a quick update of the necessary emails and text. Once you start this habit, you will first feel the need to check your updates constantly. But as you stay committed, consistent, and patient with this practice, you will sync into it seamlessly. It will help you to focus on other essential details. For instance, you might notice how you rush when you write an email and not check for errors or ways to refine it. Alternatively, it might encourage you to get involved in activities that help to increase mindfulness, i.e., reading books.

  1. Gazing and practicing silence

The 21st-century lifestyle is technologically advanced, but chaotic when it comes to mind capacity! Research and studies highlight that most people are confused about their life choices. Do you resonate with this? If yes, you can practice the art of silence and gazing. It’s an ancient mindfulness practice that the monks and other metaphysical experts practice till date.

Take some time out and sit in your room. Keep an object in front of you. It could be a pen, a watch or a bowl of water. You need to fix a time, for instance, five or seven minutes, and simply gaze at the object. The idea is to think nothing while you do this. Thoughts will visit your mind, as that’s the nature of the brain. You need to keep aside these thoughts as you gaze. It is impossible to go thoughtless, but it is possible to stay still despite the flurry of thoughts. This practice helps you to strengthen your focus, stay observant, and still. Here you will start to use mindfulness to decipher the beautiful details of life.

  1. Meditate regularly

The benefits of meditation are manifold. Other than reducing a set of physical ailments and mental confusion, meditation helps to tap into the powers of the mind. You need to sit at a relaxed position, close your eyes, concentrate on the breath, chant a word or a short mantra, and observe your breath, as you inhale and exhale. Focusing on the breath is the easiest way to concentrate and then become an expert at the practice.

Meditation can help to maximize your concentration power. Also, it allows you to make appropriate choices and stick to it without confusion. Meditation brings in clarity and conviction, which helps you to lead your life confidently and without any fear. It also makes the mind more alert and enables you to make smart decisions.

  1. Focus on your food

Not many of us relish our food, even when we get served our favorite platters! Concentrating on food means experiencing its taste and how our body responds to it. So, the next time you have your best platter with you, start to focus on the taste. So, if you are eating a vegetable pie or quiche, try and focus on the taste of the bell pepper, the cheese, the puff pastry, butter, spices, and the other ingredients that it contains. This practice will help you develop a habit of noticing the details, instead of rushing through any experience. It will also enhance your senses and perception capacity.

  1. Ditch the watch and mobile for a few hours in a day or week

Our work targets and personal life choices dictate that we stay connected to our mobile devices and watch most of the day! Try and spend one hour a day, staying away from these devices. You could be reading a book, cooking a meal, gardening, cleaning your house, and many more. It helps you to become more mindful and prioritize instead of being present everywhere that doesn’t add value to your life.

These are some of the habits that you can practice to become mindful. It will help you realize the powers of the mind and benefit from it in your personal and professional life.

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