5 Main Benefits in Using Abandoned Cart Email for Your Online Shop

For an online seller, cart abandonment is a real and present danger. Most buyers check out a site and “adds to cart” everything that catches their fancy. Then when everything seems to be alright, something happens, and the client completely forgets their cart. It is a significant eCommerce issue because it contributes to billions of dollars’ worth of annual lost revenue for retailers around the world. As a seller, it is a nightmare you want to wake up from. Fortunately, an Abandoned Cart Email is available to prevent a neglected cart from becoming forever dormant.

A forsaken cart happens due to a host of reasons. The common one is the fact that technology can be unstable. Bugs and website crashes can force the buyer not to complete the purchase. Another reason is that the client is not sure if the item has to be bought immediately and leaves it there for next time. Other unexpected changes are also possible such as a difference in final checkout price or a problematic payment method, which makes the consumer abandon the cart altogether. In any instance, an Abandoned Cart Email aims to remind the shopper that there are still some items left for checkout.

Improvement of sales conversion rates

Recovering sales is the main benefit of this strategy. And fortunately, surveys show that customers do not ignore their emails. Around twenty to thirty-five percent of emailed “abandoners” eventually end up purchasing the product, so all is not lost.

Sometimes, the customer just forgot that an item was supposed to be for checkout. Email notifications help the client remember. If there was uncertainty when the product was put in the cart, an encouraging email could convince the potential abandoner to buy it immediately. Either way, a sale is generated minutes after the store notified your client about the almost-purchase.

The seller now knows which products generate the most interest.

As a store owner, it is your responsibility to know which products work for your customers. Aside from the usual product inventory, knowing what is in the cart of a client can give you additional insights about the things you can still sell in your shop.

Better customer experience via personalized notifications           

If you are left wondering why the customer dumped his cart, then abandoned cart emails can answer the question for you. Knowing they did so usually offers the shop more perspective by recommending possibly better solutions for them. The cart email provider asks the problem and how the store can help or send surveys that the client answers. It helps your store policies and customer service.

These emails also lead to upsells when the store offers discounts, promotional items, free shipping, low-priced deals, or a combination of all.

Faster communication between seller and client

Showing that you care for the well-being of the customer is the number one factor for brand loyalty. You can set when you want to send the email to your client. It can be as early as thirty minutes from cart abandonment, or as long as a whole day. Regardless of duration, the emails you send give value to your customers, so they will be more than happy to respond to you and your brand. Long-time clients will only feel more secure in the after-care you give, so they will surely go back and shop from your store.

When you call a customer to action, you usually get positive results. Improve the conversion rate and checkout experience of your online store via an abandoned cart email.

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