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If you’re looking for dining chairs, but aren’t sure which ones to buy, you should definitely consider cross-back dining chairs. Also known as X-back chairs, these beauties were originally found in 20th century French cafés. They are similar to bentwood chairs, but instead feature two slabs of crossed wood, as opposed to the round arches. I think these chairs would go great in a dining room with vintage touches, nothing too modern. The chairs are often paired with wood dining tables. Check out our favorite affordable cross-back at X Back Chairs Manufacturer

Furniture has become a fundamental element in weddings. Gone are the times when one had to settle for the first thing they taught him, luckily today there are many companies specialized in renting material for hotels and events that offer endless decorative possibilities depending on the type of wedding that you want to celebrate. In today’s post I’m going to focus mainly on the chairs, a fundamental piece both for the ceremony and at the time of the banquet. From the outset I will tell you that I am anti-covers, I like the chairs as they are, logically as long as the chair has an acceptable aesthetic but even with the simplest chairs, such as scissors, I prefer to leave them bare or at most decorate them with some minimal touch of green or flower, before placing a cover on it. Among the diversity of options that exist, I have opted for five chair models that perfectly cover different types of weddings so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

If there is something important in a wedding, that is the decoration. This can make a simple celebration the most impressive you’ve ever seen. If you’re getting married next year, don’t miss the latest to create a dream wedding. For the new trends, a new way of decorating your wedding furniture is setting the trend: cross back chairs, you will not find another such incredible idea!

These are wooden chairs with a crossed backrest, as its name suggests. They will fill your banquet with a very elegant simplicity! They are perfect for decorating both ceremony and cocktail or banquet and the most special corners of your wedding. Use them if you have a rustic, vintage, bohemian or shabby chic celebration. Your link will have an unbeatable style!

They will create a magical environment if you bet on a country or outdoor celebration, although they will also look amazing indoors. Don’t forget to combine them with earth tones and nature colors, such as brown, beige or leaf green. Although if you want to give it an original touch, you can bet on placing flowers in bright tones as centerpieces, they will be spectacular!

Combine cross back chairs with imperial tables, a key trend that will make your celebration a glamorous event. Decorate them with cushions in tones that match the rest of the decoration, it is best to choose a neutral tone that provides sublime elegance and choose flowers that hang from the back of the chairs. It will look great!

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