INTERVIEW: Chicago hip-hop artist JAMS the Flava Child

Hi JAMS, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’m all good staying healthy, hope you guys are doing good.

Can you tell us more about your latest single “1 AM”?

Yeah so my producer Nedo showed me this beat at 1AM and I instantly fell in love with that vocal sample + the saxophone .. I kinda blacked out writing the song for a couple hours then got to recording. I think its a 1 take … theres like 5/6 songs on CLARITY that are just 1 takes. My bad I got off topic

Was there any event in particular that inspired you to write this song?

I felt really alive at 1AM. We caught that vibe and it became one of my favorite songs. I felt really free expressing myself on these verses. I just like where my mind went…

Could you tell us about your experience filming the video?

Yup I did the video with my bro @PatBanahan. That gas station is just down the street from my apartment in Chicago and that Benz is Pats. This songs personal so I called some of my closest people to be in it. That was the easy part. Thennn it got scary haha – We green screened the drivers side window of my car to get those driving/CGI shots. So we start driving downtown and I cant see shittt!! I look like I’m just chillin but I’m tweaking out at every turn I take!!! it was real life scary!! But the scenes turned out fire!

The single comes off your new album Clarity – what’s the story behind the title? 

I think I was just experiencing CLARITY for the first time ever…

I just got out of a long ass relationship ++ I just got off my first tour. It was fall and rainy in Chicago and thats my favorite time to create. Things just clicked and I enjoyed embracing it

How was the recording and writing process?

So I wrote and recorded CLARITY in a couple of weeks. I locked myself in my little home studio and every thing just made sense, I felt so free of distractions.. I was in a super deep zone at the crib. I recorded scratch vocals over n over for a weekish and took it to the stu to record.

How does the city of Chicago impact your music?

In every way imaginable! I’m inspired by Kanye, Lupe, Common. I’m inspired by the live instruments in Chicago. A lot of the people you hear on my songs are artists I meet on the street. I go up to them when I see them downtown and ask them to come to the studio. Theres so much talent here. But even outside of music, Chicago made me the person I am today. My story has illustrious chapters in Chicago. Its a tough city and its not for everybody and I think thats why we all love it so much.

What made you want to tackle the rather deep themes found throughout Clarity?

Musics always been my escape and my peace.. I feel like its my purpose to speak on the similar themes that gave me peace. Maybe make somebody feel a little less misunderstood..

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Theres a lot going on in the world and a lot going on in my head. I didn’t have to look too far 🙂

What else is happening next in JAMS The Flava Child’s world?

I think I’m gonna move to LA or the bay for a year and catch some sun.. But just more super high quality music. I’m coming for 2020 MVP so I’m applying pressure all year.


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