Growing Cannabis indoors vs. outdoors

It is important to understand the differences in cultivation methods, including many factors that affect cannabis production. It helps us understand marijuana from top to bottom.

Today, Sleep Relief will introduce you to cannabis growing outside vs. greenhouses. In an agricultural country, people have long inherited, which has made them a part of history and culture for a long time. In addition, hemp is an important economic crop in the hemp plant, fiber, and pulp sector.

  1. Choose suitable breeds suitable for the environment and temperature. Choose a breed that adapts to the environment and temperature. If planted indoors, it is best to choose a breed that is resistant to high temperatures. Planted in the greenhouse.
  2. Choose the best location.

Planting should be considered in light, air, temperature, pests, rain, soil, or in hydroponic containers or crops. If it is outside, it should be a safe place for safety.

  1. Choose a destination that doesn’t drip or absorb too much

The components of the soil should be understood so that the choice of sowing can be adapted to the species in which the soil is well-drained. It does not form a pond, but the soil must absorb water until it becomes muddy.

  1. Choose a fertilizer with high nutritional value.

Cannabis plants need nutrients like phosphorus. High nitrogen and potassium content nutrients can be added to water to irrigate plants, but not too much water.

  1. Learn how to care for plants.

Water, whatever the environment is suitable, hot, dry, or cold and humid weather, hemp styling and cutting should be done regularly. It also lights up the beauty page and a receipt.

In indoor and outdoor gardens, every factor like environment, price, and quality of production is different.

Tree planting at home

– Environment

– The Control system is off. Usually uses less space than outside

– Light energy from bulbs like LED bulbs

– Check the inside temperature and humidity

– Protected from wind storms, insects such as insects

– Can be used several times a year

External system

– Plant outside in open areas such as fields, gardens, soil

– Installed under a strict security system

– Natural sunlight

– Depending on the area, temperature, humidity

– Rain, wind, storm

– Insects, fungus-like insects found

– Basically applied once a year

The “control” factor is marijuana control, an important element of environmental control. Appropriate production standards are set for cannabis growth. Sub-factors like temperature, light, humidity, light including rain, wind, storm, insects like insects, natural factors like plant diseases which have a great impact on production.

The “price” factor is one of the first factors. Producers or entrepreneurs evaluate whether it has a price or not, which increases the price of cannabis both inside and outside, at different costs. Operating costs and maintenance of cannabis batches

The “quality” factor of the product varies between greenhouses and external plantations. Although homemade products are beautiful and complete, they can be sold at a higher price. But outdoor production can be useful in terms of color. More fragrant and natural, but in the end, the products of different cultures still have flavors and characteristics.

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