Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos in 2020

Nowadays, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in different countries all over the world. This popular platform makes video-sharing a lot easier.

When it comes to creating videos, it is undeniable that great lighting is the most common problem that every creator encounters when creating their content. Great light is essential for every video content creator.

Most of the YouTubers have transformed and changed the appearance of their rooms into shooting studios, green screens, investing DSLR, buying new lenses and cameras, and investing in good lighting equipment. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to get a good light quality at all times. The camera lens is not the same as the human eyes. Thus, it needs more light to provide a clear, sharp, and high-quality video.

Good lighting helps a content creator produce clear and visually engaging videos, making your video stand out and leave your subscribers craving for more of your upcoming content.

Finding the best lighting for video making is a challenging task. To ensure you can choose the best lighting setups for your youtube videos, we made a list of different types of lighting equipment that you can use depending on how you record and create your content.

Softbox Light

Creating video while shooting with natural lights is not an easy thing to do. The best option to stand them is to use softbox light. Softbox will emulate the natural light that comes from the window, and make it excellent and suitable for the frontal lighting. The broad coverage will make it unique for lighting up the area where it was located. Also, the neutral white interior lining or reflective silver can be used to adjust the quality of light that it produces.

Softboxes are translucent boxes that are available with different kinds of sizes and shapes such as octagon, rectangular, square, hexagonal, parabolic,  long strips, round ones, and fit over a studio light. Moreover, these softbox lighting is perfect for indoor window shoots, and it will transmit the natural light to a single place. It is usually used for cooking shows, product reviews, vlogging, and some video content that depends on diffuse lights.

Ring light

Ring lights are popular on most YouTubers. It is another type of artificial light that is different from traditional lighting setups. Most of the online video lectures and tutorials show the instructions on a full screen.

For most of the YouTubers who sit in front of the camera, especially beauty and makeup vloggers, this type of lighting is the best option as it highlights facial features. The ring light is ideally illuminated, which makes it very popular among makeup vloggers who want to showcase their makeup tutorials without lighting flaws.

This type of circular light (usually around 20 inches in diameter) creates a halo catching in the eyes and eliminates more shadow, that can be excellent enough to provide light in the entire scene of the video—basically made of a light bulb that comes from the ring shape.

Also, it is easier to set up as it is small and portable compared to other lighting equipment. By simply plugging it into a socket and placing it in front of your face or to a subject, it will create a bright and vibrant light all around the face without using more light sources.

If you want to record a nice-looking YouTube video, a ring light with tripod Australia is highly portable and produces impressive results on-the-go.

Umbrella Lights

The newbies in YouTube video content and production may love using these lights. This equipment can be the most affordable source of light that may be used in any subject.

Umbrella lights provide a  wider source of light compared to the softbox lights and are usually used to light the entire scene. These lights can be used in any subject and more accessible to carry about than other modifiers. Unlike the softbox light , the umbrella lighting will provide more controlled lighting. It can be used for indoor or personal vlogging too.

Here are the  two kinds of umbrella lights:

  • Reflective type. The reflective can have a black or white material. It has the reflective inner surface reflecting light from the source to lay off in the subject.
  • Shoot-through type. The shoot-throughs are made of a white, translucent material, which makes the light hit the subject more softly and seamlessly.


A successful video is what everyone wants to achieve every time they post new videos on their YouTube channels. Setting up the right light equipment will make your video better and can get impressive results. Video quality is an essential factor in achieving your goal in filming like a pro.

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