What are Grommets and Their Usage?

Grommets are mini tubes of metal or wood that is inserted into the eardrums to cure the conditions that may have effects on the middle ear like chronic middle ear contaminations and glue ear. Glue ear, also identified as otitis media with effusion, is an incessant accretion of liquid in the middle ear, which leads to hearing problems.

Why Grommets?

There are three small bones in the air-filled area in the center of the ear. These three bones are known as ossicles, incus, and stapes, respectively. Vibrations of sound waves are transmitted to the ossicles through the eardrum, which increases the sound and passes at the fluctuation in the internal part of the ear. The center of the ear is connected to the nose and throat through the Eustachian tube. It allows the air to enter the center of the ear and helps the air to move inside and outside of the ear, authorizing the eardrums to vibrate competently. It works as the drainage system of liquid and mucus to the returned of nostrils and throat from the center of the ear.

When the middle ear of a person is filled with liquid, the structure of the ear becomes less movable and not much capable of carrying vibrations of sounds to the inner part of the ear. The reason for this type of hearing loss is called conductive as the sounds are averted from being conducted to listening nerves in the inner part of the ear through the middle ear. The person having glue ear may have trouble in hearing, paying attention, and behavioral issues like short temper. The hearing problems cause with glue ear leads problems to language and speech development. Most cases of glue ear can be seen in children.

Doctors mostly suggest grommets if someone has glue ear that won’t clean up. Grommets are inserted into the ear in a short operation. It is about 1.5 – 2mm wide tube of plastic or metal. Grommets are comfortable at their place and do not causes itching. In six to twelve months, it falls out, leaving the drum undamaged. The grommets do the work of a eustachian tube if it is not working properly and gives the chance of recovery to the middle ear.

How to use it?

The process of inserting grommets includes an unpretentious procedure where a small cut is made in the eardrum, and the liquid inside is sucked out of it. This process is commonly known as myringotomy.  The grommets, also termed as ventilation tubes or tympanostomy tubes, are inserted into the eardrums to clear out fluid and aerate the middle of the ear.  Generally, this method takes about 14 to 15 minutes, and it is done using anesthesia. Inserting the grommets normally takes one day, so the patient is allowed to go home after a successful operation.

Most of the patients recover well after the operation of inserting grommets, but if someone has pain or any problem in the ear, then he must see a doctor. For prevention from any infection, doctors suggest the patient to avoid the water to get into their ears, because using water while taking a bath may have any types of germ in it. That’s why when a person with grommets is going to take a bath, he needs earplugs

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