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Meditation itself is a simple practice of being present and creating a space of self-awareness. Meditation and mindfulness can be experienced with regular practice which ultimately helps you realize and find peace in your daily life and routine. By this practice, you’re able to find liberation of the soul from the attachments of the world. Contrary to modern meditation, the goal of Sufi Meditation is to allow you to find peace with your creator, and meditation is just one of those ways to access this peace within your heart.

Sufi’s define the internal reality of their soul to be connected with the Creator. A journey of the soul which enters the body in this life and is able to experience the eternal reality is the goal of any sufi practice.

A known Sufi Master of our time Waqar Faiz Qalandar says “The skys, the stars, the trees and the oceans. Everything is within you”. I sat down in one of his meditation sessions, called Waqar Faiz Sufi Meditation, to try and understand this concept, along with the principles of Sufi practice, more. This meditation is offered by the students of Waqar Faiz Qalandar.

The goal of the sufi meditation offered under his guidance is for a human to realize his true potential and purpose. After sitting in this class,  we were amazed by how this unveiling of the heart to experience its Creator resonated so well with the attendees. Usually, one goes into meditation with the idea of finding peace or relief from stress in one’s daily life. This meditation was that plus much more. We learned that the purpose of Waqar Faiz Sufi Meditation and the offerings by Sufi Master Waqar Faiz Qalandar is to give each individual a unique access to experience the Divine truth within their own heart. The goal of this meditation as mentioned by the students teaching his class was, in the words of Waqar Faiz, “Our goal on this path is very high, and that is to reach the Ultimate Truth, the Source of all beauty. Once we are able to realize this Truth. All of the peace, contentment, serenity, and love will automatically be rooted in our heart.“ There was a warmth that was felt in this message by everyone who attended this session, something beyond just a physical gain. It was a strong spiritual presence, a connection between one another,  and the complete embodiment of the purpose of a human being. An attendee of this class named Debra from Boston teared up during the end of the meditation session and said, “I have been doing meditation for 12 years, but the energy I’ve felt today is something I’ve never felt before”. The feeling was mutual for us as well.

If anyone would like to learn more about Sufi Meditation, I highly recommend reading up on it and trying a session out. The instructors, schedule, and contact information of Waqar Faiz Sufi Meditation events can be found on Sufi Meditation

Sufi Mystic Waqar Faiz Qalandar currently resides in Houston, Texas, USA, but has students in various parts of the world who are able to pass on the message they have learned from him. Waqar Faiz Sufi Meditation is offered across the United States, Canda, UK, Australia, India, and Pakistan. To learn more about Waqar Faiz Qalandar, please visit Waqar Faiz Qalandar website.

What we’re feeling inside can be hard to explain, but knowing that people are out there to listen and connect us to our souls is one of the most beautiful blessings.

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