VelSEOity Discuss Small Business Reputation Management – The 5 Tips To Get More Reviews

It can seem daunting, but getting more positive online reviews isn’t that tough. There are a number of things you can put in place to help improve your online reputation and with the help of VelSEOity we’ve compiled a selection.

  1. Creating Email Campaigns

One of the best ways to encourage more online reviews for any small business is by creating an effective email campaign. As such, if you have an active email list, then you are in a better position to begin. It is important to note that your email subscribers are your biggest asset – and the chances are that if you send an email to them, they are most likely to respond.

On the other hand, if you have not built an email list yet, worry not; because you can get started today by adding a popup on your website and signing up with email marketing software to encourage people to join your list.  Also, try as much as possible to encourage your website visitors to provide an email address for them to receive updates.

For this process to be effective and receive the most response, consider sending a triggered email campaign. What does this mean? Well, it simply means sending an email requesting a review immediately after purchase or website interaction.

  1. Asking Them In Person

Asking them in person does not necessarily mean asking every simply who walks through your door to leave a review – business-wise; this is time-consuming and impractical. Rather, consider encouraging consumers to leave online reviews through various means and platforms around your physical location. There are many ways to make the most of this, such as:

  • Taking advantage of tabletop signs
  • Yelp sticker added to the front of the window
  • A message at the bottom of every receipt
  • On business cards
  • Vinyl signs

Remember, your physical customer (people who walk through your doors) may not have checked you online. Therefore, by advertising offline, you will be able to get online reviews and improve your reputation management by simply reaching all your customers.

  1. Reply To Online Reviews

Did you know that replying to online reviews is a great way to encourage people to leave more reviews? Also, this allows you to respond to bad reviews. Remember, by requesting reviews from people, you open yourself to bad reviews and even criticism. Do not worry about any of this; all you have to do is to remember to respond to every review in a calm and helping way. Doping this, you will turn a poor review into a good one.

Do not only reply only to bad reviews but also to positive reviews. The act of replying to reviews proves to future customers that you are active when it comes to communication and customer satisfaction.

This is something that has been proven through research, and the findings can be found in the Harvard Business Review. This report shows businesses that reply to reviews receive better overall ratings. The report also mentioned that a majority of users who are going through a business’s reviews read negative comments and the response a business provided.

The report also shows that any business that responds to reviews are most likely going to receive a positive review after a user has gone through management responses to different reviews.

  1. Reviews Of Satisfied Customers

This is another excellent way of getting more online reviews. This technique takes advantage of already better reviews to get more reviews. When a customer sees that more people are leaving better reviews, they are inclined to do so themselves. This is something that has been proven psychologically. In other words, people will first look at what others are doing to learn what is correct. As such, you can take advantage of this and share your best reviews on social media.

  1. Take Customer Service Very Serious

It does not matter the tips and trick you use under the sun if your business does not have good customer service; you will not succeed in getting the best online reviews. In fact, customer service should be your first and foremost goal in business. That is simply because customer service will not only help you get better and more online reviews but an excellent way of attracting customers and retaining them.

Remember, every business invests in people in order to increase sales and boost income. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that in order for a person, client, or customer to bring your business, they want to feel important and their needs met.

This is why customer service is important. As such, consider using polite and gentle communication is paramount. Also, consider sending personalized messages where possible. In case of a dispute, take the matter seriously and give a discount and an apology for business-related errors. Every customer will remember the kindness.

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