Not Dillon Has Created Riveting Modern Sounds With “Back To The Start”

Dillon Shamoun, aka Not Dillon, has made an incredible entry in the musical arena in the year 2017. A couple of events are hosted by the young prodigy at his college at Michigan State University, which has taken him to incredible heights. It was a stepping stone for him to reach the nadir. He was the marketing head at musical festivals like Breakaway, Prime, UpandUp, and Haunted Fest as well as the hosts. The musician who is based out of Michigan, book Dj s for various universities. He even had met Tryoboi during one such program who gave him the initial break and flown him to Philadelphia. He had heartbreak in his last relationship and it has taken a toll on the musician. It has jolted his ego and it destroyed his creative instincts. The relationship had an abrupt end. So, he wants to feel those happy memories as the feelings have started pouring in once again and came up with the song ‘Back To The Start’.

He has collaborated with the magical Laura Pagewho has dished out the brilliant emotional vocals in the track ‘Back To The Start’. The track was released on popular trending platforms like YouTube that fetched a staggering 17,000,000 views. The song received rave reviews and critical acclaim as both of them have written the most beautiful song in just 48 hours. They were aptly supported by the gifted Bobby John who is very famous for his nomination in Grammy Awards. He has performed this magnificent song in various music festivals in the USA. He is gearing up for an international tour that is creating mouth-watering prospects for his fans.

Not Dillon has drawn inspiration from various legends of music like Loud Luxury, Tiesto, and Martin Garrix. He has signed major contracts with large houses like Sony that could give his songs the extra edge it needs to reach out to innumerable people. He has major achievements like one of his tracks did climb up the ladder to be one of the top 12 songs in Canada and it was streamed on national radio as it was certified Gold. The latest number that is slated to be out in the summer of 2020 deals with relationships that are broken in the past. The track has got strong and impactful narratives and the driving force is the splendid story-line. According to him, music is driven purely by emotions. This emotion drives creativity within the person. He has joined forces with those people who have suffered similar debacles in their life. In his thoughts, this might foster the creative process and it might finish creating the song in a much quicker time. This might also give the track the necessary professional edge it requires regarding its creation and execution. The immaculate lyrics are the building blocks paving the way for the emotions to flow. According to him, his last heartbreak and henceforth the break up has been the toughest subject he has dealt with up till now.


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