An Entertainer Through It All: Christina Hammoud Begins Her Podcast In The Time Of Covid

In the new world of Covid-19, all of us have had to adjust to a new kind of living that keeps us indoors for the most part. Most of us have taken up new hobbies to fill our time like learning a new language or skill. Christina Hammoud, on the other hand, has started a whole new profession for herself.

“Since the global pandemic started and even before any lockdowns, most of the TV segments and events I was scheduled to work as a host or reporter began getting canceled left and right. As my schedule began to free up, I decided to revisit my 2020 to-do-list. One day on a whim, using my cell phone and ring light, I made the most of what was available to me at the moment and started my very first podcast. To my surprise, my podcast had hundreds of downloads in the first week! I am overjoyed that I have received positive feedback. The podcast is currently available in both, English and Spanish via video (youtube) and audio on any platform of your choice. I am so happy that even for a moment, when someone tunes into an episode, they can forget what’s going on in the world and just laugh or even feel inspired. They say laughter can cure after all.” Recounts Christina.

Christina has had a lot of work as an entertainer in various kinds of jobs. Through these jobs, she has channeled her ability to story tell, which helps her be successful in her podcast. She has always been noted for her sense of humor, which helps her create her episodes.

“I have previously been told that my voice makes me unique and that my personality is witty and funny. Currently, I’m a TV personality and influencer. Being a T.V. personality gives me a platform to story tell which is something that always came naturally to me. In any kind of job, unexpected things happen. Seeing life with a humorous point of view in a cutthroat environment makes things easier. My whole life I have been an entertainer. Recently, I have found that the ability to make someone laugh or touch them emotionally with a story is so fulfilling! Being an influencer is a new subdivision to my career that came with the territory. Prior to this, I was a professional dancer appearing as a backup dancer in music videos, Latin TV shows, and even live performances for many Latin American artists.  I have had the opportunity to perform with Pitbull, Neyo, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, and my performances have aired on award shows via Univision and Telemundo such as; Premio lo Nuestro, Premios Juventud, The Latin Grammys & Latin Billboards. Being around different parts of the entertainment industry has taught me that everything is temporary. You need to constantly be evolving and keeping up with the new trends. ” Explains Christina.

Even though her personality and her job training has helped prepare Christina for the world of podcasts, she has still had to overcome numerous obstacles. Her biggest one has been her own self-doubt and lack of confidence. However, the current crisis has added a new layer of difficulty to the task as it makes it harder to get the necessary materials that Christina needs. Despite this, she has had a great start to her podcast.

“Obstacles, they come oh so often! Recently, one of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced was winning the battle of self-doubt, and gaining the courage to pursue my dreams, and clap for myself when no one else will. Creating a podcast helped me overcome that and has given me a voice to help others as well. However, starting a podcast during a lockdown was a challenge, in itself. My podcast doesn’t have the usual equipment you would expect like a usb microphone, audio interface mixer, or professional camera etc. I could have ordered the tools I needed, but I felt it was selfish to order non-essential items through Amazon and risk the safety of essential employees. I have always been very resourceful but the current circumstances pushed me to be creative and innovative to explore new methods of achieving the same outcome.” States Christina.

Christina’s first season of podcasts focuses primarily on nostalgia. She is connecting with her audience through her own past experiences that she thinks are universal in theme and can bring a laugh to people listening. In addition to telling her own stories, Christina has also invited on guests to help her.

“The first season has a theme of “Reminiscing the time when..” sharing nostalgic funny moments. The episodes tell stories that are relatable, witty and even inspirational. I’ve had the opportunity to invite several guests such as local celebrities and influencers to also share their journal stories. The stories remind us all that we are much more similar than we think. Putting health and safety first, everything is done in a remote environment. We have all adapted and made the best of what we have. I’ve had the opportunity to enhance my creativity and reach out to my audience in so many ways.” Says Christina.

Christina had always dreamed of starting her own podcast, and she says that anyone who is trying to start their own business should simply follow their dreams and do the same. In addition, she wants people to focus on their own thoughts and not on the thoughts of others because they can hurt your dream.

“My advice for those following their dreams is to never compare your progress to anyone else! Create a strategy on what you want and how you plan to get there, including short-term and long-term goals. Set some realistic guidelines on how you plan to execute your goals that are tailored to you and no one else. Focusing on oneself and working on your goals daily is key. If you get overwhelmed take a break, but don’t give up. Have a place to think. Turn off your phone and allow for some alone time with you and your thoughts. After all, we are our longest commitment.” Advises Christina.

Christina hopes to keep moving forward with her podcasts. For now, her other projects are on hold, but this has been a good time for her to work towards her new dream. To learn more about Christina, you can follow Christina on Instagram @christinahamoud, on TikTok @christinahammoud, and can check out her website at

You may check out her podcast, The Garden Journal Podcast, on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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