Question Of The Week: Summer TV Episodes

Summer is near, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. In some places in North America, the summer weather has basically already started. That’s not the case just yet where I am. Soon enough, though, the weather will be warm, if not outright hot. The skies will be blue and the Sun will be beaming down upon us. Trees are starting to bloom in full. Summer shows up in pop culture quite often, which brings me to this week’s question. What TV show episodes remind you of summer?

For years, the traditional TV schedule eschewed summer. New shows basically just ran from September through April or so. Shows debuted in the fall, you had a couple sweeps periods, and then in spring you’d get the finale. Summer was for reruns. Of course these days those traditions are dead. Hell, it seems like half of shows are now streaming programs that drop all the episodes at once. Back in the day, though, network shows couldn’t really do summer episodes, unless they were temporally out of place. Now, summer makes as much sense as anything else.

Obviously, the entire run of Phineas and Ferb takes place during one summer vacation, which brings me to my next point. It feels like shows for kids focus on summer way more than shows for adults. That makes some intuitive sense, given that, for kids, summer means vacation. For adults, it’s more of the same, but hotter. Salute Your Shorts is another show that is all summer, all the time. The third season of Stranger Things takes place around the Fourth of July.

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The Simpsons has done several summer episodes, and a few of them are really good. Usually they involve a heat wave of some kind. If there is one episodes that comes to mind for me, though, it’s “What We Did On Our Summer Vacation” from The Adventures of Pete and Pete. I mean, summer is right there in the title. I think part of what makes it stand out is that, usually, Pete and Pete has a fall motif. It’s all sweaters and hats and leaves on the ground. Summer is a rare experience in Wellsville. As such, the fact they have one episode that’s all about summer makes it notable. The plot revolves around an ice cream man. They spend a lot of time at the beach. It captured the entire summer experience of being a kid.

It probably sticks out to me as a quintessential summer memory because it first aired when I was a little kid myself. I lived the summer vacation life. To this day, when I think summer and television, Mr. Tastee, Captain Scrummy, and the brothers Pete come to mind first.

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