An individual has many driving forces to carry their lives forward and achieve their goals. Motivation, inspiration, determination, and lots more. But the single most powerful force that compels a person to push them beyond the goals that they have set for themselves, and instead, accomplish more is; passion.

While for some people finding their true calling takes years, for most people, all it takes to realize that they are passionate about a particular thing is an impulse. Every individual is born passionate and talented, but only a few people have the courage and enthusiasm to take their passion to greater heights.

Among the population of people who are respected and idolized today, the greater circle consists of individuals who not only recognized their passion but worked hard and fulfilled their dreams by putting their passions to the right use. A chunk of the population is interested in teaching, some people are passionate about acting, for a large number of individuals the true calling is dancing, some people are authors, while some people are truly passionate about music and music.

Today, an individual who is not just passionate about music, but is also making his mark in the music industry with his soft voice and unique tunes is Di Higrade. Taking the Afrobeat/Dancehall genre by a storm, Di Higrade’s songs are music to everyone’s ears!


Born on August 26, 1989, Di Higgrade’s birth name is Roger Akutcha. He was raised in Tema, Ghana. Di Higrade grew up without parents, and he remembers finding comfort in music. He would spend prolong hours listening to a vast array of songs, amazed and enchanted by how something that is so noisy could help him cope and let loose of all his troubles and worries.

Soon enough, he switched from just listening to songs and instead went on creating them. He started composing music and writing elaborate lyrics. By age ten, Di Higrade had already created and composed his first song! He put on a whole show for his friends and happily sang his song. His friends were amazed, and everyone loved his efforts.

Since then, Di Higrade had come to the realization that he did not just love music; he was passionate about it. Knowing that music would always be a part of him, he began dreaming about performing on stage in front of large crowds. Di Higrade set his heart on touching people’s lives and making a difference in people’s lives with his songs.


Di Higrade set a foot forth on climbing the ladder of success with his passion, and he confidently entered the music industry. Listening to musical inspiration such as from artists such as Bob Marley, Vybz Kartel, Movado, Shaggy, Sean Paul, and many others, Di Higrade was sure that he wanted to explore the Afrobeat/Dancehall genre.

Apart from drawing inspiration from musical artists, Di Higrade uses his personal life experiences to create something that the public can easily relate to. He believes that music is something personal but something that everyone can find comfort in. Growing up without parents was difficult for Di Higrade, and he had to face the harsh realities of life all on his own. But instead of being dragged down with the bad side of life, he chose to rise up and let the music guide his way. He uses his tunes and lyrics to bring his experiences and emotion under music in a big way.

Di Higrdae says, “Going through the experiences makes me appreciate life more. Life is a beautiful struggle. I always put these experiences into music to send my story out there.”

He released several singles fusing Afrobeat and Dancehall genres, producing a heightened groove for listeners to bump to. All his singles were loved and admired by many people across the world and helped him gain significant traction.

In 2015, he released his single, Hello To My Lover, under the acronym HTML. The song was released under the label Tubhani Muzik, while high picture quality and the classic video was directed by Owuraku of Butterfly Concept Entertainment. The song HTML is a classical ballad and a love letter that the artist wrote as an expression for telling how much he missed his lover while she was away. The song comprises piano drive pop-soul sentiments and twists that burst more towards the highs before falling back into its deep intimacy and emotion harmonizing perfectly. These exotic notes are the right track for anyone who misses their partner to the point of heart-ache. The soft vocals paired with the unique music is the perfect combination to bring a little ease to the impatient heart.

In 2016, the artist released two more singles, ‘Obsession’ and ‘Party Time.’ Both the tracks are Dancehall bangers, perfect fits for festivities, especially Christmas.

The fast-tempo tr Afro-Dancehall jam, Obsession, was produced by Denswag and is dedicated to all the hot girls across the globe! The party song, Party Time, was produced by “Go Low” hitmaker, Tubhani Muzik, and is dedicated to all party-goers!

The same year, he released three more songs, 90’s, Prove Dem Wrong, and Enemies, all of which gained recognition for their unique tunes and personal touch.


Di Higrade’s passion is not just limited to music. He is an empathetic citizen and is dedicated to making a difference in the community as well. He realizes how major of a problem poverty is. He says, ‘Can you imagine what it’s like to not have enough food to eat and go to bed hungry at night? Poverty is not a joke.’

Today, the talented artist, Di Higrade is a fitness model and a musical artist. He serves the US Military while continuing to release his music. His aim to make a change with his music is appreciated far and wide, while his story is an inspiration for anyone who needs a little motivation to move forward!

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