Maher Alkhawndi the innovator, the entrepreneur

This is Maher Akhawndi coming from a background where entrepreneurship is very hard to stay with. Fear is all around us, not leaving us relaxed. I graduated from American University of London in Computer Engineering. My aim was to become an innovator. I thought about the great innovators and compile their qualities which made them innovators. I want to mention some of those qualities

Innovators take risks

Innovators recognize that taking risks is a part of creating great discoveries and progressing society.  In reality, 80 percent of good innovators encourage workers to be interested, and 76% systematically promote risk-taking. A civilization of risk-taking means inviting new ideas and being tender with disappointment, seeing it as an chance to understand rather than an event of punishment.

Make mindset of others

Amazing innovators realize that fresh thoughts and implementation cannot finish together. They attract other people along on the journey, training them how to think in new ways. This manner, they construct complete groups of forward-thinkers. When invention best practices and mindsets are shared broadly, whole businesses can benefit.

Great attitude

As an innovator, you need to maintain a great attitude.  You cannot presume that something will not work just because it has not been done that way before. Stay positive and you’re going to see new ideas workout in unexpected ways!

So, I also took the steps as the innovators and then success was coming all around me slowly and gradually. Success bring us the feelings that yes we can do it.

My entrepreneurship journey

I’m an entrepreneur. To be very honest, I never thought it could happen. I dreamt about an entrepreneur’s life. But at that time I didn’t know it could not be that much easy. As I grew, my feelings of becoming entrepreneur were becoming strong. No one was going to believe me. But I was believing myself. Hardships were there to stop me every now and then. But you know, when someone want to do something with great emotions and love, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. I started to take risks. And those risks gave me results.

I provide services mostly to big companies to promote their brands and to bring customers to them. My services include web development and mobile application development.

As a motivational speaker, I give speeches to young entrepreneurs, motivate them and guide them in their respective fields.

You can visit my website to know more about me. If you want to reach me please visit my website and let me know what do you want to become in future and I will guide you. This is my Instagram handle @maher. You can follow me on Instagram.

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