iMessage Is Available For Android And Windows

iMessage is the native messaging service available in Apple devices. Officially it is not available for any Android devices, and without the actual port, you cannot use the iMessage app in the Android devices due to special in to end encryption system by the Apple servers. We have prepared a guide of walk around for iMessage to get installed in any Android devices and how to use iMessage on Windows 10 PC

How to Download & Install and iMessage for Android:

Use this following guide to set up iMessage on any Android devices. But there are few requirements that need to be fulfilled before you can use iMessage on Android devices.

Guides to Download & Use iMessage Apk:

  1. Before beginning first confirm that the Mac computer is having Java 7 or higher installed on it to use the WeMessage app. To check that go to Applications > Utilities > Launch the Terminal app, then type Java and click on return.
  2. If you get any popup off error, then there is no Java installed in your computer. And in any case, you are not getting any error then you are running on latest Java. we have also provided a download link below to download the Java in case you are missing Java on your Mac computer.
  3. Now from the below provided link download the WeMessage app.
  4. Once the WeMessage gets downloaded in your Mac computer, launch it by double-clicking on the icon. In any case, if you are getting an error that you can run this program due to the unidentified developer, then follow the steps to clear this error. Go to system preferences > security and privacy > general > open anyway.
  5. Now in able the accessibility features on your Mac computer by going to, system preferences > security and privacy > privacy > accessibility.
  6. Now click on the lock button to unlock the settings, sometimes you might need to enter a password which uses to login in your Mac computer.
  7. Now click on ‘+’ I can and browse through the hard drive to applications > utilities > terminal > open.
  8. Double click on the icon to launch the program and it will launch the terminal window.
  9. Input the email address which was already registered in the iMessage app and on the next window enter password.
  10. Now the next step we need to set up the Android device to get it ready for iMessage service in Android.
  11. Download the WeMessage app from the link provided below and install it in your Android device.
  12. Allow all the system settings by launching the WeMessage app in the Android device.
  13. In the WeMessage app on the Android you need to enter an IP address, find that IP address goes to your Mac computer and go to system preferences > network > advanced > TCP/IP > IPv4 Address. Put that IP address on the Android app.
  14. After that enter the iMessage email address and password to configure it in the Android app and tap on the sign in button.
  15. After all the above steps are successfully done you will see all the conversation screens get synced up in the Android device.
  16. Now enjoy the messaging service of iMessage on your Android device.


  • Mac computer running Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite or higher.
  • Java 7 or higher installed on Mac computers.
  • iMessage account or existing Apple ID.
  • Same Wi-Fi network
  • Android device running Android 5.0 lollipop or higher.
  • WeMessage apps for Android devices.


According  to Freddie Thorne, Outofschool.Net have researched on the internet and provided various information about setting up iMessage apps in any Android device. We have carefully prepared the guide to Download, install and use iMessage service in any Android device. devices. Share this article with other users so that they can also get to use iMessage on any Android devices.

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