CIFUENTES ASISTE AL DESFILE DE ROBERTO VERINO EN LA REAL CASA DE CORREOS, CON MOTIVO DE LA MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID La presidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, asiste al desfile de presentación de la colección otoño/invierno 2017-2018 de Roberto Verino, que acoge la Real Casa de Correos, en el marco de la Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. Foto: D.Sinova / Comunidad de Madrid

Your lifestyle is in fashion

Everything talks about you. Even when you think you don’t care about your appearance you are deciding what to project. Casual, sporty, romantic, hipster, no matter what, your style is in fashion. The grandmothers used to say: “Fashion, what suits you”, and by that they meant that you choose the garments according to your body. However, now we could update that popular wisdom to emphasize it like this: “Fashion, what suits your lifestyle.”

If before we bought the designers’ proposals and adapted to them, now fashion adapts to your needs, thanks to the sensitivity of creative and brands to offer products that allow you to look good and feel comfortable regardless of activity. The one that you do. Read: Fashion, an industry ready to grow in times of political change we give you an example: originally, denim pants were a garment designed for rough work, it was mainly used by workers who required resistant clothing to work in factories, the field or the construction industry, nothing to do with the fashion! Today it turns out that jeans are essential in the closet and that their shapes, textures and styles are endless. For details check Retroworldnews.


In strict definition, it is the way a person lives, which includes their habits, interpersonal relationships, attitudes, values ​​and, of course, their way of dressing. Fashion depends on the cultural values ​​of society that is why it has become an ally of your lifestyle: before it sought to standardize, now the bet is on individuality. Clothing is our letter of introduction, hence the time it takes us to decide what we are going to wear is directly proportional to the impression we want to make on others: get their attention, go unnoticed, look for a job, earn respect, etc.

In the male case, there is a predilection for old-style clothing, hence the taste for furry faces, mustaches and well-groomed beards. The use of patterned shirts, glasses, hats and scarves is also recurring. Executives: it is common in students of administrative, law or international relations careers who are already doing professional internships, social service or working. They will prefer tailor suits with skirt or pants, slippers, dresses, raincoats, coats and bags. They, suits, long-sleeved dress shirts, ties, formal shoes and the essential portfolio.


Remember to print your own style to the clothes you wear, you will achieve this with the accessories that stick to your personality such as accessories, hats, backpacks, bags, watches, etc. The colors you choose are of utmost importance, give priority to those with which you feel comfortable and take into account that they will vary according to your mood. The secret is in the attitude that in turn is related to the comfort and security you feel when wearing your outfit.

Dare to change, make sure that everything in your wardrobe talks about you. Remember, consistency is the key, why wear sneakers if you will be in a field activity? That looks “cute” in the movies, in the real world it doesn’t make sense. Ally yourself with fashion and design your own image, the experts create the products, you give it your personal touch.

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