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How will your smartphone be in 2030?

What are the technological developments that will change the experience that smartphones offer in the next 10 years? How will 2030 mobile phones differ from what we hold in our hands today?

Any predictions are risky and may fall completely off target, we may in 2030 wear some cameras or sensors on our sleeves and communicate through them. But, the trends that are emerging at the moment and we will present to you below are largely based on existing consumer needs, to which companies respond to justify the replacement of older models with newer ones.

Will 5G and 6G be popular?

5G is already available in several countries, but higher data speeds do not mean much in areas where 4G is already faster than most users need, and no applications have been launched that really make the most of high-speed connectivity. . Indeed, everyone who like to play on online casino websites from their mobile phone or tablet, with the existing technology, knows that they will experience exciting moments by betting on one of the casino games that it offers, as classic as roulette, blackjack, cod, as well as and new suggestions, with original gameplay and beautiful graphics.

Folding phones

Folding phones appeared in 2019, when various devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Motorola Razr 2019 were released, and more.

For now, foldable phones are considered interesting gadgets, but most people (except technology enthusiasts) wouldn’t think of buying them as their next phone. This is due to their exact price but also to the fact that no software has been developed that makes the most of their form.

More rear cameras

The trend in smartphones is to have more and more cameras, but obviously there is a limit, where the addition of extra lenses does not offer anything to the image quality.

What is expected to increase is the number of megapixels in the recorded image. At the end of 2019, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 was released with a resolution of 108MP, followed by models with a similar resolution from Samsung and Motorola, while other companies are expected to follow this year. But how much analysis is needed and how much will it increase over the next decade? Scientists estimate that the human eye sees at a resolution of about 576MP, but this is ideal, with an image just in front of your face that covers the entire field of view. So if you are looking at a small phone that you keep at a distance equal to the length of your hand, you will never need such an analysis.

It does not make much sense to increase the resolution of smartphone cameras to 576MP, although this is technologically feasible. However, a significant increase in all new models of the next decade is considered certain.

Mobile without holes and doors

Many phones have already removed the 3.5mm headphone jack and by 2030 it will be gone. In 10 years, with the expected advances in Bluetooth technology, few will use wired headphones.

Also unreliable is the presence of a USB port to connect your phone to a computer or charger. As wireless chargers become more and more popular, users rely less on natural cables, making the relevant port unnecessary.

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