C0Vid-19 has played its role in stranding everyone in their homes, and people are in a state of panic. Not even has it stopped growth in almost every field, but it has also stopped our plans. We cannot only visit any of our relatives or tourist resort places but any activity that we took part in preventing. Continuing the topic, we have some Dart news for you, guessing that you found your way to this page, and you are currently reading this. You are a Dart sports fan!

So, we here bring you the news that might arouse your excitement. This Friday, we are going to see the continuation of what had stopped because of COVID-19. Yes! Next phases of the PDC Home Tour. Gary Anderson has set to make his debut. After sorting out his Wi-Fi problem, that almost cost him his entry.

And you might see a lot of names showing up that can make it to the 32nd competition, including Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price returning as the line-ups. They might even have their chances to get qualified for the final matches! The fixtures revealed shows that Gerwyn Price has his games due May 17. And Peter Wright would have a chance at making his return on May 18. Both of them being the people’s favorites. Even though they were not qualifying for the next phases, people still showed high interest, including Nathan Aspinall being at the top of the list.

These upcoming matches might even prove to be some of the big surprises that PDC Home Tour groups form 29-32 offers. Like there are a few lesser players who won unexpectedly, and this has turned in to an unexpected turn of events—making people expect more from these matches. A series of 32 nights! 3 hours each! The camera quality you might receive may not be that good. But this is going to be worth it.

This Friday night, we may see Cristo Reyes making his debut too along with Danny Noppert, John Henderson, and Ryan Meikle, all of them being runners-up in their respective. We did mention that Anderson solved his problem, right! It had reported that he declined the invitation for the competition. But after receiving overwhelming offers, he was placed under group 30. He was referencing the fixture list released earlier. We may see big names making their way to their second chances. The previous world champion, Peter Wright, is a faceoff with Krzysztof Ratajski, Justin Pipe, and Adam Hunt.

Would we see a series of unexpected events during these coming matches? Or would we see the same results that every person is expecting? We are going to be very interested in hearing your opinions. CoVid-19 has turned out to be a party crasher for many of our plans and festivities. The new dates announced for the upcoming matches are something to look forward to.

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