Mercury Turns Direct

Mercury turns direct on 12th of July 2020 at 7-38 a.m. IST. It occupies the 9th degree of Sidereal sign Gemini during that phenomenon. Mercury turning direct after a period of retrograde motion is a herald for new beginnings.

If you have been experiencing communications hiccups or having trouble finalizing your business arrangements, those periods of uncertainty are certainly over now. Let us see the significance of the degree which Mercury occupies when it turns direct……

The 9th degree of Gemini has the following symbol associated with it- The figure of a woman holding a globe in one hand and a scepter on the other.

This indicates wide knowledge and power which is very auspicious for new academic/ business starts of every kind. There are indications of pride and self-love in this symbol, but dignity, conscientiousness, and self-reliance are prominent features displayed in this symbol.

The message here for us is to forge ahead in life with dignity and self-reliance.

This is a good period for assuming new positions/ responsibilities. New advertisement campaigns, beginning of new courses on occult (see the globe and scepter in the symbol!), and research activities of every kind are under favourable influences over the next 2 weeks.

Saturn Transits Into Sidereal Leo

Saturn re-enters into Sidereal Leo sign on 15th of July 2020 after a sojourn into Cancer due to retrograde motion from January, 2020. Those born under sidereal Moon signs of Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces will enjoy good effects due to this. Those born under Sidereal Moon sign of Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn, Aries, Taurus, and Leo may find this transit a little tough.

Saturn is a great leveler and an impartial judge. It never favours nor harms anybody without reason. The signs mentioned above will enjoy their good/ bad results only based on their own actions.

For instance, the signs who are stated to enjoy good transit will find improvement in their lives ONLY if they have already made good efforts in the past; those in the signs stated to suffer a tough transit will suffer ONLY if they have committed acts of omission or commission in the past! It can’t be all that bad or good…is it not?

Venus Conjuncts Regulus

Venus conjuncts Regulus (Alpha Leonis) at 7-30 p.m. IST on July 16, 2020. Regulus is the most royal star called the “The watcher of the North” in ancient traditions; however conjunction of Venus with Regulus is not considered good by tradition.

Venus conjuncts Regulus with 2 deg South declination. Regulus corresponds to 3rd deg. Of Leo.

The 3rd degree of Leo has the followingsymbol associated with it – A wave-line of nebulous light, obscured by a cloud in the midst.

This denotes the preponderance of elastic and undeveloped ideas, uncertain principles and fickleness. Care should be taken regarding romantic matters.

Never be in a hurry to commit yourself under these nebulous influences. Resist the urge to indulge in temptations that are likely under this influence. Licentious behavior now can spoil your good luck and reputation.

Letting your senses wander can lead you into dangerous situations. Similarly resist the temptation to indulge in rash speculative activities; the planetary influence is such that you will be lured into a trap by initial profits of a great magnitude that will impel you to stake more and more, and finally lead to a situation where even what you held initially will be wiped off in a sudden twist of fortunes! Play it safe whatever you do over the next 1 week.

Venus Turns Retrograde

Venus turns retrograde at 22-55 hrs IST on 27th July, 2020.

Venus occupies the 9th degree of Leo during that event.

The 9th degree of Leo has the following symbol associated with it – A fine chateau, with gardens and terraces. In the foreground a peacock in full feathers struts leisurely.

This denotes a tendency to spend much upon mere show, and there will be much emphasis on appearances to the neglect of more practical considerations.

Pride might rear its head even in the most humble of personalities! However, pure good luck will white-wash other negativities of this degree. So, if you are someone with a general turn of hard luck, and wish to do something, now is your time under the sky.

Generally when Venus is retrograde, hidden desires and ambitions may surface, which might disrupt the balance of one’s life. This can ultimately for your good as it is only by bringing these dynamics up to consciousness can these be dealt with practically.

Relationships that are shaky may fall apart; on the other hand, if you have been struggling to express your inner most thoughts and affections to someone, this could be a period when you will gather the courage to express yourself openly.

Either way, this retrograde will impel you to reconsider your approach to relationships.

There could be a need for redrawing financial strategies due to change in your income levels (either an increase or decrease). You may have to consider redeployment of funds more appropriately.

This could be a perfect time for negotiating on issues as hidden matters tend to come to the fore now making it more easy for you to take your shots more accurately.

You may have to renegotiate business/ financial agreements and if you have entered into exploitative arrangements earlier, now could be the time to swing the balance in your favour.

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