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How did coronavirus affect the education system in different countries?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world around us and the way we live. The education system is no exception. Tons of colleges and universities had to alter their studying process to keep up with the new reality we have found ourselves in. We have witnessed lots of school closures over the last few months while parents are still trying to adapt to homeschooling. Countries around the world have used different approaches in regards to taking measures within the field of education:

  • Country-wide school closures
  • Localized school closures
  • No school closures

A lot depends on the impact which the pandemic has had on the country, as well as the ability of the country to provide enough testing and tracing. Transferring a college or a university to online platforms in order to continue the studying process is much easier as such educational institutions have more resources. What is more, students are used to spending most of their time working on assignments alone, so there is no difference for them whether to attend a lecture or a meeting with their professor online or in class. Besides, some students have addressed their requests to such services as to get additional help with their tasks. While looking for a cheap reliable essay writing service has always been rather popular among students, using such services now helps them make sure they keep up with the studying process and submit all orders on time. A trustworthy yet cheap writing paper service can be of use to any student who needs a perfectly written sample so that they can deal with the task they have been given faster. Thus, they will receive a well-written piece of writing from such a cheap reliable essay writing service and get down to their own assignment, having an excellent example to adhere to.

Speaking about schools, the process of transitioning has turned out to be a bit more difficult, especially in regards to primary schools. What is more, the parents of some children simply cannot stay at home and homeschool their kids as they are essential workers.

Country-wide school closures

Country-wide school closures were implemented in such countries as: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Estonia, Iceland, Poland, Norway, Portugal and lots of others. The majority of countries all over the world have made the decision to close educational institutions. However, some restrictions were lifted as soon as the number of ill people decreased.

Localized school closures

Australia is one of the countries the government of which has decided to implement localized school closures. Thus, schools and universities are not closed. However, some independent and private schools have made the decision to close. A lot of universities transitioned to online learning. In Sweden, schools remain open. However, the government declared that universities and high schools should be closed.


There will be numerous consequences of this pandemic, some of which are even hard to predict at the moment. To begin with, the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated how many educational institutions find it hard to transition to online learning. Apart from that, a lot of schools are hugely underfunded to do so. Surely, there has been a severe disruption in the studying process which may result in the decrease of academic performance among students. As a result, some of them will decide that it is much simpler to address theri request to a cheap reliable essay writing service than complete the assignment themselves. It takes a couple of minutes to google something like ‘write my essay cheap’. As soon as a student comes across a cheap paper writing service that provides them with such option as ‘write my paper for me cheap’, they will definitely make use of this opportunity. The more students start looking for write my essay cheap services, the less interested they will get in the studying process.

Another aspect to take into consideration is that students are deprived of the opportunity to grow and develop their skills because of school closures. They cannot interact with their teachers and peers the way they used to. There is a very high chance drop-out rates are going to increase soon. The coronavirus pandemic also puts a strain on parents who are forced to leave their children at home alone and get back to work.

Impact on formal education

Coronavirus will have a lot of negative and long term effects on the education system. The system of formal education will be affected the most. Here are a few details.

  1. Early childhood education. The majority of these facilities all over the world remain open as they provide care for children under the age of three. Thus, parents who need to go to work during the pandemic have no one to leave their kids with. Thus, these facilities have proven to be of key necessity.
  2. Primary education. Schools in the majority of the countries are still closed which has had a negative impact on academic performance and the organization of the studying process in general.

Higher education. College and university students had to transition to online learning to keep up with the curriculum. While the whole process was not smooth for everyone, students managed to adapt in the best way possible, considering the circu

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