Discover How Katie London’s Dream House Lashes Tries To Meet The Needs Of All Fake Eyelash Users

Fake eyelashes are a necessity to many people who are trying to get ready for work, going out, or just for their day to day looks. However, finding the right fake eyelashes can be incredibly difficult. This is because the lashes have to fit the person. Dream House Lashes is trying to create a different kind of fake eyelash to help people enjoy their look.

“Our motto is “Bring your lashes from flat to fluttery”. Whether you’re a Baby Doll or our Daily Doll, add volume and length for seriously seductive eyes with Dream House Lashes. Whether you want to wear them every single day Monday – Sunday, or save them for the weekend antics or even only bring them out for special occasions, Dream House Lashes are a sure-fire win to add that extra somethin’ somethin’ to your look.” Explains David Connor.

David Connor, the creator of Dream House Lashes, wanted to create a type of eyelash that looks like a luxury brand, but is affordable for all. They are now working on increasing their brand and have recently started working with singer Katie London in order to help spread the word about their new lashes. The influencer market is very important to the brand to ensure that it is reaching a lot of people.

“The biggest challenge for any startup is building momentum and brand awareness, we just partnered with Katie so we feel as if now we at least have a foot on the ladder. Dream House Lashes is a false eyelash brand offering luxury lashes for affordable prices so everyone can feel and look like a barbie doll. Enhancing natural beauty has never been easier with our gorgeous eyelashes that suit day time, night time and full on glam time!We offer three types of lashes; Dream Doll and Daily Doll, Baby Doll.” Exclaims David Connor.

For many people, finding fake eyelashes can be a difficult task that involves hours of research and browsing to ensure that the lashes are the right fit. Dream House Lashes hopes to revolutionize that process by offering their three lash types to make choices easy and workable for every kind of person with every kind of look.

“Dream house Lashes take away the tedious side of browsing through endless styles by offering only a few select lashes to suit certain times of the day and looks so you have a full lash package for any occasion. Many eyelash companies offer hundreds of styles but we have researched and handpicked a special few to compliment any makeup look whether full on glam or a relaxed and chilled makeup day.” Says David.

In addition, the company offers a discount to make up artists. They are especially trying to reach all kinds of clients by making lashes for people who use them all the time and those who do not consider themselves makeup people. Their goal, overall, is to empower women to enjoy their look.

“Our lashes are perfect for anyone! We cater for makeup lovers, those looking to enhance their natural beauty and for anyone who absolutely loves to try new makeup looks and feel confident everyday. We want to give everyone the chance to wear affordable lashes with a luxury touch. Makeup artists get an incredible 50% discount on our lashes as we have taken into consideration the cost of buying lots of lashes for professionals who need a constant supply. We take that worry away for our customers who are running their own business.” States David.

Dream House Lashes hopes to continue growing their brand and reach every kind of person, so that they experience the best kind of eyelash for them and their needs. In addition, the company is working on making a vegan eyelash as they continue to try and meet the demands of the eyelash market. For more information on Dream House Lashes, click here.

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