Fresh New Artist, Machi Releases Her Latest Dazzling Tracks

Since the beginning of 2011, Machi, a Montreal bred music producer, has been releasing hit after hit she has composed by the ear. Her tracks are a blend of versatile piano keys and magical electro tones that allows her to expand all of her musical wonders. The very first track Machi ever released was a dazzling hit called ‘Princesse de Larmes’ which took listeners on a mystical journey of life. In the years to come, she began to create, produce and release even more tracks that would become ideal for a lifetime. 


Following the success of her first release, Machi began to get noticed by fans all around the world. During the peak of her popularity, she recorded a pop-rock EP entitled, ‘The Other Half,’ which was a mixture of sophistication and piano-guitars assortments in each of the tracks. In 2018, while her name was becoming a regular in the music scene, she released a song called ‘Late Night Thinking.’


As a result of the attention she received from her first track, Machi has produced over 400 pieces that are all housed in her YouTube page. Much of the content that is uploaded are part of the marvelous singles that weren’t included in her previous collections. 


Machi’s musical sound is composed of precisely articulated and squeaky clean melodies that impresses listeners with its liveliness and electronica vibes. This has been the constant theme in her latest releases, “The Maeve Song,” “I’m Staying At Home,” and “The Kinessa Song.” 

Check out her songs below!


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