5 Common Mistakes That New Marijuana Growers Make

As awareness surrounding marijuana consumption is spreading faster than ever before, many have started growing the plant by themselves. By going DIY, these growers can exercise a great degree of control in terms of maintaining quality for a potent yield. However, those just getting started in the growing game can make mistakes and if you want to know how to grow marijuana well, you need to understand what those mistakes are.

#1: Not Knowing the Strain

Marijuana can be broadly divided into indica and Sativa strains. While indica strains are known for their ability to get people stuck to their couches, Sativa strains are preferred by those looking for an “active” kind of high. However, the two strains aren’t just different in terms of their effects on the brain; they also have different growing requirements.

These days, there are numerous hybrid strains as well, which all have unique growing requirements. So before you start growing, know what strain you are growing and research well regarding the right conditions for the plant to thrive.

#2: Choosing the Wrong Soil

Using the wrong soil-type can affect how your marijuana plants grow. Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that should be present in the right soil for growing marijuana:

  • Must Contain Nutrients: Nutrients play an important part in dictating how healthy the plant becomes as it grows. Soils without nutrients may lead to weak plants that fail to give you the high-quality yields you are looking for.
  • Must be Airy and Light: The ideal soils for growing marijuana should be airy and light in terms of their structures. Such soils benefit the plants by allowing unrestricted root growth and also guarantee appropriate drainage.
  • Must not Have Contaminants: Pests, fungi, and other contaminants can have severe consequences for your marijuana plants. Such contaminants are mostly present in soils that have been used previously and therefore, it is not recommended to reuse soils for growing marijuana.

#3: Using Smaller or Bigger Pots than what is required

The pots you grow your marijuana plants in can determine how well they grow. Pots should not just have great drainage, but also should be of the right size. Take the help of the following list to determine what pot is ideal for your plant:

  • Root cube for a 0 – 3 weeks old plant
  • 10 cm pot for a 2 – 6 weeks old plant
  • 10-litre pot for a 6 – 8 weeks old plant
  • 12-litre pot for autoflower
  • 14-litre pot for a 2 – 3 months old plant
  • 22-litre pot for a 3 – 8 months old plant
  • 45-litre pot for an 8 – 16 months old plant

If you buy a plastic pot for your plant, it may not have holes at the bottom for drainage. In such a situation, you should make the holes yourself.

#4: Overfeeding and Overwatering

When it comes to watering marijuana plants, watering less is considered better than overwatering. Constantly pumping water onto the plants results in a lack of oxygen for the roots. Over time, this can result in the rotting of the roots and the growth of fungus. Ideally, after each watering session, you should let the soil dry completely before watering again.

Overfeeding is also a bad practice, even though new growers believe that feeding more results in the plants absorbing more nutrients. However, the truth is that marijuana plants stop absorbing nutrients when they are fed too much.

#5: Not Ensuring Adequate Ventilation

This is a big mistake that is made by indoor growers and lack of ventilation can result in the growth of mold. If you are growing only a few plants, a pedestal fan should be enough to ensure sufficient ventilation in the growing area. For larger grows, however, more elaborate ventilation equipment would be needed.

So these are five of the most commonly made mistakes by new growers and now that you know about them, you can now learn how to grow marijuana well.

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