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A few of the virtues are simplicity, security, and speed that make telegram an ideal medium of communication. On converting the message clearly, the messenger is focused and minimal to a metaphorical ancestor that inspired its name and corrected it to them. It also lets you overall messaging experience as well as customize the interface.

Above all, telegram doesn’t come with hidden costs & completely free in the form of a threat to your security or privacy. Whether you’re bored with the dirty business of ads and about declining privacy almost everywhere online or of the noise from the ever-buzzing chats of messenger Facebook and WhatsApp, you just want to cut loose.

So, to start, telegram is the right place. Some tips and tricks of telegram messenger and telegram groups, we’re going to mention here, so that you will know the use of messenger more effectively and better.

Best and Cool Telegram Messenger Tricks in 2020

1. Edit Sent Messages

Do you find out a glaring typo after within a few seconds of sending a message, or does it ever happen to you? Well, to save you on telegram, there is an edit button, but on twitter, not so much. All you need to do is at the top tap on the edit pen icon after selecting the message, and you can edit the message easily with the help of it.

However, after you made the changes, it will show you an “edit label”. Also, for editing messages, there are no time-bound restrictions on telegram. If the message is posted in your chat of Saved Messages, then forever, you can edit messages only up to 48 hours after sending them.

2. Send Silent Messages

Most of the time, we know that our loved ones are attending meetings, sleeping, or studying, but without disturbing them, we want to send someone messages. Well, on telegram, there’s a feature known as silent messages.

It will not make any vibration or sound when you send the message even DND isn’t turned on by the recipient. That’s good. So, tap and hold the send button after typing your words. Here, you’re done after choosing to send without sound.

3. Schedule Messages

At a given time to achieve many tasks, scheduling is an excellent way for power users. For messenger, it’s fantastic to see that telegram bringing this feature too because we use email scheduling a lot already. As you read above, just by holding after pressing the send button, you can schedule a message. Here, pick the date and time after choosing the schedule message. At the time you prefer the message will be sent.

4. Delete Sender’s Message

The messages you have sent can surely be deleted, but did you know that the messages sent by another user can delete too? It is a new feature of telegram. Over everything, the users who prioritize privacy this feature are for them, and it’s weird also.

Just tap on the delete button after selecting the received message to use this feature. Now, tap on delete and delete for X. without leaving any trace, the message will remove from both sides.

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