The Makeup Trends of 2020

Gone are the golden days of fashion in which the catwalks dictated what series trend of makeup and what not. We analyze social networks and ‘red carpets’ to announce that yes, these are the makeup trends that you have to sign.

Perfect skin, a nourishing lipstick and a bit of mascara. The  foundation of makeup never varies and is known to all, however, beyond those basics that accompany you to the end of the world in your toiletry bag, there are trends , those fashions that stipulate what you can wear and what is no longer what more to be something to hide . But in addition to being useful, there may be something frivolous about the novelties, the regenerating airs that knock down the established order and help us get it right day by day.

Until a few years ago, the way to classify fashions went almost for centuries. Romantic clothing, Renaissance thinking, baroque hairstyles … However, now we have to bring together hundreds of trends in a single year. And now it is time to talk about makeup, because if it is important what the next season will take, the next coloring or the haircuts that will be the most, we must also take into account what we are going to do to our face.

This year it is time to gradually leave behind the makeup trends that until now were dictated by the catwalks to get carried away by what the street says. Instagram has spoken and characters like Shay Mitchell and her dark shadows and her blue lips hold the keys to what she is going to wear. The most artistic outlines will remain in an aspirational moment compared to the block outlines. The skin will recover its most natural essence, opting for the shine resulting from good hydration and the lightest and most effective contouring in history. Continuing with the glowy trend we will continue reviewing the face. The illuminator will continue to be a good ally of beauty.

But not all are trends that return, there will also be red lipsticks or green eyeliner, the most daring bet for next year. You can also check Beauty Direct Wholesalers

Shadows tile

Warm colors are here to stay and are perfect for smokers as they squint and enhance the intensity of the gaze.

Relaxed contouring

The contouring returns, but nothing of marked lines that leave an artificial aspect, now it is time to take light steps with the sun powders and leave the skin slightly contoured.

Outlined above and below

The most extreme and sixties cat eye has a place in 2020. If you can touch your upper and lower lines, you will be the queen.

Red lipstick

Feminine look, it never goes out of style. And the best of all? That the red tones, having more coverage, help to correct the lip.

Lips ‘nude’ and ‘glossy’

The ideal is to wear nude lipsticks with a warm touch. A perfect option for a carefree and natural beauty look.

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