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Did you know that many inventions that you use in your daily life are directly related to scientists who like to read science fiction? It is possible that you know one or two of them (such as the submarine, the videoconference, the landings on the moon or the nuclear bomb) but …, did you know others such as antidepressants, credit cards or geostationary satellites? Although these inventions are not one of the reasons to read science fiction as ordinary people are, they do reflect the direct influence that science fiction has (has had and will have) in our day to day. You can read more about reading translated fiction novels at นิยาย.

Although we may not realize it.

It is quite possible that everyone says the same about the genre they write. Fantasy ones take you to the worlds of the impossible, erotica can help you discover something about yourself that you didn’t know existed, terror helps you to escape and feel strong emotions. But science fiction carries those benefits a bit further and turns them into tangible facts of our daily life.

So I throw that question into the air: Why does reading science fiction have such a positive effect? Here are some of the reasons:

Expand the limits of your imagination

It is said that the power of imagination is infinite, that the human mind can create any possible wonder. It is something that could be true (in theory), but I have always defended the idea that our imagination and creative thinking are determined by our experience and our experiences. Imagination is nothing more than the mixing and deformation of information that we previously had with us.

Inspires new discoveries

Imagine is an important part of any discovery or creative thought (scientific, technological, sociological, business …) but it is not everything. Imagination for imagination does not have to lead to a tangible product. Imagining a society of moon elves that receive their powers from the liquid core of their planet is imagination, although it can hardly have a practical application. Or yes, who knows.

Promotes learning

Most of the time reading science fiction is something like reading a small scientific-technological treatise with heroes and adventures in between. I do not say it as something boring that you face without reluctance, but as an exciting journey full of small brushstrokes of knowledge.

Analyze the social consequences

Many science fiction novels end up exaggerating a major part of the failings of our current society. Oppressive corporations, individualistic societies, intrusive marketing, loss of essential rights … In this way, one of the most hidden reasons for reading science fiction is that it makes us carry out a conscious and subconscious analysis of the consequences of certain behaviors.

Helps you disconnect

Like all literature, and more that based on different worlds from ours (fantasy, science fiction …), reading science fiction helps to abstract from our daily life. It’s like running to de-stress like taking a hot shower.

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