What are APK files and their benefits?

All android users might be familiar with APK, I not. We are going to explain it here in these articles, so worry not! APK (Android Package Kit) is an application format used explicitly by Android interfaces in distributing and installing apps. Just like an EXE file that can be recognized by Windows, APK files can be used by Android for similar purposes. It contains everything that your device needs to open and install the app entirely on your device. The standard way to get and install as APK in your device is to visit Google Play Store. Type the name of an APK you want to install, click the familiar search results and start the downloading process. But there are alternative APK providers that provide you the file with the specified extension, and you can use that file to either create a backup for your data or even install it manually. APKMoto is a website that provides you with a collection of your favorite apps ranging from Games to Professional apps. You can find your required APK’s here for free and even those that got banned on the google play.

What are its benefits?

APK’s find many application benefits and advantages.

1.    Easily available

The first one is making the user able to install the app manually. Mostly you can get access to the apk even before it gets uploaded on the google play store. For example, you were using an app that released an update. You might not be able to access it on google play even for weeks. But having an APK skips this wait.

2.    Get you apps that are not available in your country

Another benefit mentioned earlier was that you could get those apps that are not available on the app store. Because they didn’t follow the rules and regulations of that platform, but it doesn’t mean that the app that you are downloading from other websites is safe to use. Because if they are offering a paid app for free! That might be a trap that can infect your mobile phone with malware. And severely damage your device or even steal your passwords and credit card information.

3.    Get updates relatively fast

By downloading APK’s, you can get access to the latest updates and feature fast. If by any chance you cannot access the app store, it can be because of any reasons possible. Maybe you lost the google mail login or perhaps by some unknown reasons your play store got corrupted. And now, you have no access to the app store, so it is quite convenient that you can find your apps even if you can’t access the play store.

Even if we mentioned some benefits, you need to be very careful about where and what APK you are downloading. Sometimes hackers may disguise a Trojan or malware in your favorite apps. By doing so, they take you in under their trust and compromise your devices using your own hands. So, security may be an issue regarding APK’s. But some programming nerds also emphasize that if you are into programming and you want to know how developers incorporate features in to on APK. You can unarchive that the APK file reveals the secrets that lie being APK development.

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