The Best Stars Wars Movie Is ‘Rogue One’. That Is All.

As I write this, it’s Star Wars Day. You know, May the Fourth et cetera. I’m not one to celebrate the day necessarily. In the end, I’m just not a huge fan of the Star Wars universe. Some of the movies are good, some of them aren’t. Overall, I think the franchise is just fine, but it doesn’t mean a ton to me. Although, I also seem to like The Rise of Skywalker more than a lot of people, so I have that going for me. However, it’s not my favorite Star Wars film. You know what is? Rogue One.

I think there are a few Star Wars films that are really good, but of those Rogue One is the best. Felicity Jones stars as Jyn Erso, the daughter of Galen Erso, the man who builds the Death Star. Jyn joins with Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, and they and a ragtag group join together to try and get the plans for the Death Star to the rebels so they can destroy it. That’s only sort of a spoiler, because you’ve almost assuredly seen A New Hope. These are the people who got the secrets of the Death Star to Princess Leia and the rebels. This movie basically takes place right before the action of A New Hope, making it the rare interquel film.

I think that’s quite cool as a presence. Star Wars has a bad habit as a franchise of filling in too many gaps, but this one I think works. It’s interesting to see one of the iconic, vital moments in the franchise’s history actually happen. Also, the movie is just really slick and fun. As an action film it’s more successful than any other Star Wars film. There’s a ton of tension in the movie’s climax, even though you know they are going to succeed. It’s more gripping than any other movie from the Star Wars universe.

Rogue One is a different kind of Star Wars movie, and that's a ...

If had had to knock the film, the characters aren’t terribly indelible. Jones and Luna are good actors, and there are plenty of good actors in the movie (including a scenery-devouring Forest Whitaker). Since we only see them in one film, though, and this is the only-one off film in the series’ franchise, there is a bit of a lack of depth here. Other than Jyn and Cassian, the other characters are fairly one dimensional, though not always in a bad way. Static characters aren’t a bad thing.

They show the Star Wars movies on TV all the time. Normally, I don’t flip over to them. When I see that Rogue One is showing, though, I’m usually willing to watch it for at least a few minutes, especially if it’s in the climax. On this Star Wars Day, if there is any movie I want to celebrate, it’s Rogue One.

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