Looking Back At The Movies Of May 1980: There Are Actually Good Ones!

The journey into film past continues. Last week, I broke into the ‘80s when I looked at the films of May 1985. So far, these looks at past movies haven’t been too promising. Now, it’s time to take a gander at the movies of May 1980. What will it have to show us?

In May of 1980, the disastrous Gong Show movie and the ultra-disappointing The Nude Bomb, a Get Smart movie, came out. I like Get Smart the TV show. However, the film was just a dud. I’ve started off with a couple of lousy films, but don’t fret. Finally, yes finally, we’ve got a couple of big films to talk about. May of 1980 is the best month I’ve looked at so far.

For you see, in case you didn’t know, this month is when The Shining and Empire Strikes Back came out. One of the all-time iconic horror movies and one of the biggest blockbusters ever. The second Star Wars movie won the box office for the year. I mean, what can I say about Empire Strikes Back that hasn’t been said already? It’s most people’s favorite Star Wars film. We found out Darth Vader was Luke’s father! Han Solo was frozen in carbonite! I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, but I do like this movie. It’s a good film and a massive hit. That hasn’t happen in this article series yet.

10 Fascinating Facts About 'The Empire Strikes Back' | Mental Floss

And honestly, I’m not really a horror movie fan either, so I don’t love The Shining. Not in the same way Stephen King doesn’t dig it. I like a few Stanley Kubrick movies. I think Dr. Strangelove is a great film. The Shining is definitely one of the most artistic horror films ever made. Jack Nicholson is a great actor. I remember watching this movie when I was on vacation when I was 15. Still, I can’t quibble with The Shining as a blockbuster bit of film history.

Speaking of horror, there is one more May 1980 release I have to touch on. This is also when Friday the 13th came out. Yes, the original. I despise that series and I think it’s bad, but the first one is basically a different film. Since Friday the 13th started one of the most-prolific and iconic horror franchises ever, I have to mention it.

It took until I got back to 1980 to find a significant, worthwhile movie month, but we’ve done it. Now I’m curious what the 1970s will bring me.

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